Monday, 19 December 2011

The Other Art Fair. Part II.

Following on from my review on 'The Other Art Fair' (Part I can be read here) is Delphine Lebourgeois! Delphine was one of the first artists I came across at the venue and I instantly took a liking to her particular to 'Army'. This piece was right up my street - fearless women and I immediately spotted their gowns forming into Spartan-esque helmets!!! You can see this in better detail over on her site...I would adore having this on my wall!!
Next was Julien Spianti. I was intrigued with the 'almost finished' paintings and the nudity mixed back with was really beautiful and really told a story. The 'unfinished' look reminded me of how sometimes in films, when there is a flashback, or a dream...and not everything has fully formed...there was almost a hint of Surrealism in his work but the subject matter seemed very much real.
Alex Daw was another great artist I came across! Everything was so bright and really stood out to where his work was also seemed one of the most contemporary in the room. I could have looked at each piece for ages as there is an abundance of detail that goes into them and the paper-cutting was magnificent!
Alex Simpson's work immediately caught my attention. I loved the child-like aesthetic and 'Batboy' was the cutest! It reminded me of the film 'Kick-Ass'...and I loved it!
Dan Hillier's stand was causing a bit of a stir and I found it impossible to see things that were at a lower level... so being the impatient person that I am, I took a quick snap and walked on by. However - I adored his idea of reviving Victorian elements and making them so much more interesting! I could see what the fuss was about!
The below piece by Jennifer Louise Martin was beautiful! The size of it definitely played a huge part in it doing so and I could really relate to it as it was very much a 'fashion' painting. It even looked great on the rough, graffitied wall!

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