Friday, 30 December 2011

The Other Art Fair. Part III.

To finish off my review on 'The Other Art Fair' (you can also read Part I and Part II) is Patrick StPaul!
Patrick was extremely kind enough for me to photograph until my heart's content and there was just so much!! The below piece reminded me of Beetlejuice, which makes me wonder how many times I watched it as a child for black and white stripes to remind me of it all the time! I thought this piece was amazing!!
There were lots of pieces of art that had bone as the primary medium, something I found very interesting! In fact, I think many people may have found Patrick's work quite grotesque, but my sister and I were completely enthralled by it! There was also a huge sense of surrealism in his work - one of my most favourite themes in art.
The next piece I really loved was this eerie portrait that was covered in a lace fabric. It really stood out and there was a lot to see behind the lace.
And something else I wanted to mention was this rabbit! It was definitely the piece that caught my eye first on seeing Patrick StPaul's stand...and with the question of if it was real or not. Patrick preferred the viewer to decide what it was (upon asking him) ...and I decided that it was! I can imagine this piece as being a 'love it' or 'hate it' ...but I found it pretty fascinating and wanted to know the story behind it!
So, that's all for my little visit to The Other Art Fair, and I can't wait for the next one!!
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