Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wimbledon Car Boot Sale.

I recently mentioned coming across the Time Out website (no idea what took me so long to use it!) and while browsing some good places to go shopping for Vintage, I came across good car-boot sales too. 
I hadn't been to a car-boot sale for a very long time but as the Wimbledon car-boot sale was highlighted as being one of the best in London, I decided to check it out and to see what treasures I could find!
Apologies for the dodgy blue photos, my camera was on a weird setting and I didn't realise until it was much too late!..but, the car-boot sale was very much what I expected from one - loads of junk and bad presentation. If it wasn't for the absurd amount of smoking going on (what was up with that?!), I probably would have spent a longer time at each section but I was pretty quick to browse! Nevertheless, if I had a car and/or a garden, I would be showing you some bits of furniture I had bought to renew and huge antique mirrors (lots of the latter - and very nice too!) ...but instead, I am showing you a mini wooden house and a mini shelving unit. However, they were only £1/$1.50 each!
They just need re-painting and could look adorable. I think the shelving unit might be used in the Kitchen to hold herb jars and I'm not sure what I'm doing with the house yet, but I'm sure it will come in use one day!
Everything was much cheaper than I expected (musical instruments in particular) and if you are doing a bit of home decorating and looking for furniture etc, this car-boot sale is definitely one to check out. I wouldn't bother looking for vintage clothing there, it wasn't the 'right' kind of vintage! The next time I go though, I will definitely organise a better form of transport as there were so many beautiful antique mirrors to purchase!!
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