Monday, 26 December 2011

Winter Wonderland.

I've always wanted to go to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland but I have never been in London during the time it has been on, so kept missing it each year. However, I got the opportunity to go this time round! I instantly loved the vintage feel of it and it was even slightly eerie with the naked trees!
There were also many stalls to browse and I just had to snap the one below as it was so beautifully presented!
My family and I also did a bit of ice-skating (which I love!)...but it was a little crowded!
....and it was even prettier when it was dark! It's a great place to go but there is just so much people and I did find myself getting impatient having to queue for so long for things! There was lots of food (I had the most yummy hot dog!) to taste... a variety of fairground rides and just generally lots to do! Even though it is extremely expensive (in regards to both the food and rides!) I think I would go again for the experience as it is only once a year!
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