Sunday, 30 January 2011

Prada SS11 Video Campaign.

I loved the Spring/Summer 11 Prada collection which you can read about here so when I recently came across the very addictive Video Campaign, I just had to share it! It really tickled me and is just so perfect for the collection. Enjoy!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

It is my birthday on the 31st January and to celebrate with my readers, I am hosting a giveaway! In one of my past Giveaways, I asked what was most preferred for me to 'give-away', and my little gold charm necklaces that came with a matching pouch was most popular, so here they are again!
You can choose to have one out of the following seven 16" gold plated charm (tiny!) necklaces that I have hand assembled and then made the pouch from complete scratch with unbleached cotton fabric and I have also printed a complimentary image on it!

#1 Browse my Etsy Shop and tell me what your least favourite item is and why- yep, your least favourite!


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Each thing you do is equivalent to one entry, so there is a maximum of 7 entries! If you do all 7, please leave 7 seperate blog comments to tell me this!

The Giveaway ends on Saturday 5th February at 11am UK time. Winner will be randomly picked and announced on Sunday 6th, and will have one week to respond (otherwise a new winner will be chosen!) so please ensure that there is a way for me to contact you by (as I will need your address and your chosen set).. whether it's through your blog, twitter, Etsy shop or if you simply want to leave your email, please use the safer format of breaking up your address with brackets etc. Good Luck!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pre-Fall 2011. Part III.

I am getting much too behind with my catwalk overviews especially with the fact that I intended on having a look at the Menswear collections for the first time ever and the Haute Couture collections (my favourite) are coming out soon! So, although this will be the last Pre-Fall 2011 entry, it doesn't mean that there weren't many more amazing collections!
First up is my most favourite and influential (of getting me interested in Fashion), Moschino. This is the 'Cheap & Chic' line, which has a younger look to the mainline, and it certainly showed! I want these four outfits and all the accessories to match - just look at the shoes! The simple black dress with cornered heart is adorable and I just love the trompe l'oeil ruffle neckline!The collection by Louis Vuitton was 'nice', but as soon as I noticed an obvious inspiration from the 1920s, it certainly won me over!The Givenchy collection was unbelievably fresh! There were still many references to previous styles, but the mixing of black leather and darkened-khaki was amazing, and so were the matching feathers! I loved the rich plum trouser suit and softer blouses in lilac. On a side note, I thought the photography was great as the background went from day to night!I always mention the Alexander McQueen collections and I thought this would be the first time where I wouldn't. I was disappointed with the initial military-nautical look to the collection, but towards the end, the evening dresses were definitely amazing enough to talk about!And lastly, the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection. I adored the chocolate leather dress blocked with sheer sleeves and mixing cornflower blue, with tan and grey looked yummy! The fur dress is to die for, and will be something I must have! This was a totally wearable collection with lots of styling ideas!
Images from and │ Assembled by nuvonova

Monday, 17 January 2011

Restaurant Review: Caffe Concerto.

As many Londoners know, Westfield is almost like a second, but indoor version of Oxford Street... but without the low-priced stores, and I often like to go there as all the shops I like are all under one roof! When I went there a couple of weekends ago with my sister, we decided to have lunch somewhere we had never been before...and as we walked around, we came across Caffé Concerto.
I don't tend to go for Italian when eating out, because it is something quite easy to get (in the form of ready-made meals!), but the menu sounded nice, it was quiet, and the overall look of the restaurant was quite impressive...and I was surprised at being impressed with the service as soon as I stepped in and was told that we could sit anywhere we liked! I hate it when waiters and waitresses don't let me sit where I want, and I have had that happen before, even when it has been quite empty. So far, so good!
I almost went for a typical lasagne dish, but decided to copy my sister and went for the Tagliatelle Pesto, which had mushrooms, lots of garlic and onion - my favourite ingredients!
I was surprised at the time it took to get our meals, it wasn't too fast (this always makes me feel a bit weird if I get my food too quickly!) and it wasn't ridiculously long either (which would've been worrying seeing as there was not a lot of people!) was just perfect, which is rare, and I was very hungry!
It smelt amazing and I just could not wait to get it into my mouth! It was incredibly delicious but also incredibly rich it was, that I could not even get through half of it - and neither could my sister! I don't usually take food home but I could not let this go to waste...and this is when the first and last disappointment happened. The food was put into one of those horrible yellow polystyrene boxes typically used for fish & chips and when I got home, most of the sauce had leaked out! I didn't even know it was put into that type of box as they gave it to me in a nice paper bag and I didn't check, but why would I? This was such an unexpected let-down when they could have just easily used a plastic one, like how Chinese takeaways do! Nevertheless, my sister and I then had it for dinner, but this time with chips, and all my disappointment went away. It definitely needed to be eaten with something stodgy to soak up some of the 'richness', and this is something I will definitely ask for again next time!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory A Butter Suite Body Butters.

This isn't a proper review as I have only tried 1 out of the 3 body butters - The Righteous Butter, which you can read here.
The purpose of this entry is simply to rave about Soap & Glory's offer of three 150ml different body butters at a great price of £14.30. I purchased this set for Christmas gifts where I made pouches with my friends' initials on them, and popped a body butter inside! I'll definitely be getting this set again this year! I realised that so many beauty brands are lacking mini versions of their products and/or gift ideas! I hope Christmas 2011 will provide me with more options!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pre-Fall 2011. Part II.

Continuing with my views on Pre-Fall 2011 (you can see all my fashion/catwalk entries here), Valentino was delightful as always! The same ingredients are always used but I never tire of seeing the collections. The monochrome rose sleeve shift dress is amazing and the sorbet leather elements surprisingly worked. The fur trimmed coat was fun and I've been noticing fur everywhere! You will know what I mean as I continue with my entries and especially as we get into the full AW11 collections.I don't think I have ever featured the Rochas collection before...I've always liked them but never enough to talk about, but I'm sure the styling and model were a big influence this time! I thought the model looked like a vintage doll and the hats made me chuckle! I loved the nude silk godet skirt as the seamed panels look amazing and overall silhouette of each outfit looked really interesting!Above is Preen, where Ikat prints look like recoloured fairisles and I loved it all over on a sheer shirt dress! There was a nod to retro influences such as the middle outfit which looked like a reworked 50s dress with tight pleating. I also took notice of the mauve-tinted mushroom colour which I imagine to look incredibly flattering on all skin tones!J.Mendel also looked strong with beautiful draped Helen-of-Troy-esque dresses (first thought that came in my head!), then I thought of Conan when I saw the fur (I know, totally random!)! I definitely took a strong liking to the burnt orange evening dress with layers upon layers of raw-cut silk chiffon which gave the overall look an amazing texture!Lastly, Alexander Wang. I wasn't blown away as usual with this collection, but the fact that it is just incredibly wearable made me want to mention it!! Each outfit is beautifully styled and I really loved the burnt orange asymmetric dress - and I would actually love to see the back of this!
Images from │ Assembled by nuvonova

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Beauty Review: Ruby Red Organic Lemon Whipped Shea Butter.

Firstly, I have to address the issue of this costing £12.50 (approx $20) for 50ml, this is much too expensive! So if I hadn't found it available for half the price online (via ASOS.COM), I wouldn't be blogging about it now! So with the negative out the way, here is a small positive - the outer packaging is just adorable! I loved the matching coloured corrugated cardboard wrap and if I had a boutique, I would be pleased to be able to stock such a beautifully presented product (but also if there was room for negotiation on the price of course!).
However, the negatives overrun the positives. I am instantly disappointed with the font used for 'Gorgeously' and 'Hand made in London England'. I can't remember what it is called but I very often see it used in handmade beauty products, and this gave it an amateur look. There are actually just too many fonts being used overall. Also 'handmade' is never a split word which is recognised on the outer label, but not on the sticker on the tin! Then there is 'Handmade and wrapped in UK' and 'Hand made in London England' ... it just looks like one person designed the outer packaging, and another designed the tin, without even looking at the outer packaging. I just don't understand how this could have happened...there is no consistency!Anyway, putting all that aside for now, the actual product is wonderful. I love shea butter so I am always interested in trying out as many as I can! The lemon scent is very strong, and very fresh. I have been keeping it on my desk as a hand cream and although it is quite greasy when I first rub it into my palms, my skin quickly absorbs it and my hands feel very moisturised. I am still open to trying Ruby Red products (at a lower price), because I feel they have a lot of potential and I like the 'handmade' aspect of it, but they just need to sort out their overall packaging, and if I'm going to pay the full price for the product, it has to be perfect.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Pre-Fall 2011. Part I.

I'm usually faster to blog about new collections but better late than never! The Pre-Fall 2011 collections started around December and I have just been able to have a good look at them...and here are some of my favourites! (Click on the images for a larger view!)
I always like Chanel and this was just an adorable collection. The use of embellishment definitely won me over when used in panelled sections and pocket accenting. I loved the cutout shoulder silhouettes and overall colour palette of sea-blue, forest green, cream and black (as always with Chanel!) and gold.Next is a snippet from the Helmut Lang collection which is understatedly beautiful and I never tire of that print which I am sure I see over and over again but with slight adjustments! I was particularly fond of the black leather trench, and I don't tend to notice outerwear!BCBG by Max Azria was so exciting! The colour-blocking was stunning and I would never have thought these colours together could look so beautiful. I adored the pleated fabrics and unpredictable hem lengths.The last collection for this blog entry is Burberry Prorsum which although started off slow for me (the beginning is just too casual for my taste), ended with some great pieces! The soft crimped maxi looks were fantastic, especially styled with leather obi belts and the heavy fur trimmed skirt looked really fresh!
Images from │ Assembled by nuvonova

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash.

Continuing with my Soap & Glory obsession, here is their body wash. I instantly loved the pump bottle as I find it a lot easier to use in the shower and also loved how big it was (£5.65 for 500ml) as I always get through standard sized (250ml) body washes much too quickly. It's the same with how I wish I could afford one of those really huge perfume bottles that you see in department stores!
I was surprised by the scent as it wasn't instantly recognisable as being by Soap & Glory unlike their other almost had a cologne- like hint to it which at first was a bit of a shock but I have actually come to like it!
Even though it has a nice lather and there is in fact nothing really wrong about the product, it didn't have a strong enough affect on me to want to purchase again. I guess I am almost indifferent about it. Nice, but not good enough.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Film Review: Mulan (2009)

I can't remember if I ever watched Disney's Mulan as a child, but I do remember liking the idea of a girl pretending to be a boy and going to fact I like all ideas of female empowerment in films - even though she was pretending to be male! I also remember doing a quiz at school, where we were put in groups, and I was the one writing down the answers. The answer to one of the questions was 'Mulan' but I didn't know this and someone in my group had mouthed it to me, but I thought they said 'Moonman' (whatever that may be). Anyway, our group lost because of that one error (my group wasn't so impressed with me) and I remembered 'Mulan' ever since.Over Christmas and New Year, I had the flu and watched a ridiculous amount of films on the sofa and came across Mulan while I raided my brother's stash of DVDs. I had no idea they had made it into an actual film and was so excited to watch it!!
I was instantly impressed with the actress playing Mulan (Wei Zhao), she was beautiful but understated, and perfect for the role...I also felt that her fighting scenes and times of hardship were very authentic looking. The thing I hate most (especially in Hollywood films) in regards to females playing 'tough' roles, is that they never really look 'rough', if that makes sense! There is still a sense of producers still trying to keep the female actresses looking pretty, which entirely spoils the film. However, the only mainstream film that I can think of that was really well done, was 'Monster', with Charlize Theron. She looked spectacularly rough and her Academy Award was well deserved!!I was quite surprised at the one-line humour in the film as it really made me laugh but without spoiling the overall mood of the film, which is passionate and dramatic. ..this is such a rare thing to happen because I can be very fickle when watching films, and one small action or a comment could easily influence my overall feeling of it. I would definitely class this film as 'epic', and recommend it to those who enjoy the genre. It is of course subtitled but you shouldn't let this put you off. Some of the best films out there are foreign. I thought the fighting choreography was fantastic and the film coped well without CGI - something I have recently enjoyed watching, but glad to know that I don't really need it!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now Radiance Energy Balm.

I really loved the Soap & Glory Night Cream and was keen to try something moisturising for the day, so I purchased Bright Here Bright Now! My skin certainly seemed brighter and had a nicer glow to it - in comparison to my standard moisturising cream (Nivea). However, the glow has a touch of shine to it which makes me think that it may be too greasy for oily skin, as I have dry/sensitive. The cream sinks into my skin very easily and it also feels smoother.
Although my review of the product is generally quite positive, I probably won't purchase this again as £10 is a lot for a cream I want to use daily and with it not being totally perfect. When I moisturise my face, I love rubbing the cream with my palms then applying and massaging, which is great with my Nivea and I know I haven't missed any areas...however, with Bright Here Bright Now, I need to dot it onto my face, then be very careful with rubbing it in, as I learnt the hard way that getting it in your eyes is not the best feeling (the product did make a note of NOT getting it in your eyes though!) - something I never have an issue with when using Nivea.
Overall, nice product but not too fussed about using it again.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Nina Ricci Precious.

I always have to love the perfume bottle at an equal amount to the actual scent to make me want to buy it, as perfume is just generally very expensive for such a novelty...and Nina Ricci's Precious apple-shaped bottle was one that I have wanted for a while now! With all the sales going on at the moment, I took advantage and got myself a bottle of the Limited Edition version (with no idea on the smell) which has Swarovski crystals encrusted into the leaves. To be completely honest though, I much prefer the original red bottle, but I couldn't find that at a better discount! The Limited Edition bottle is slightly too 'Paris Hilton' for me, but it still looks cute!
I wish I could describe the scent in a professional way, but I just don't know how! So, to keep it simple, I found the scent to be quite fruity and sweet but in a very light way...and unfortunately, that's all I have! I wouldn't usually wear this scent, but it has definitely grown on me!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011.

Happy New Year! As I have constantly documented my calendars each year, such as my 2007 and 2008 calendars, my 2009 one... and 2010, I wasn't going to stop at 2011! I decided to go back to an artist I learnt about at college and have always remembered her work ever since - Frida Kahlo.