Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part X.

I absolutely adored the Etro Fall 2011 collection! Overall, it isn't as shimmery as my favourite pieces, but they were my favourites for that exact reason! I love how the coated fabrics look like liquid! The jewellery was beautiful, loved the cornrow hairstyles, and the colours were just yummy!There is always an abundance of lace all year round and it can often become tiresome, but I loved the patched-on-lace effect shown in the Bottega Veneta collection. Also, if you've been following my blog, you will know how I do love an evening gown...and the last few from Bottega Veneta were just beautiful! The manipulated skirts that cut and finished into the bodice were delightful and I just adored the airbrushed finishing which accentuated the craftsmanship in these gowns.

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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part IX.

My Fendi selection isn't the best indication to what the whole collection is like because they were taken from the last half, but I really loved the styling and the foil printed garments were refreshing to see as I originally thought it was sequins! Overall, a really nice and wearable collection.Although the Frankie Morello collection was not really to my taste (masculine rockabilly), I just loved the headpieces! I firstly assumed they were mimicking bunny ears made from hair until later on in the collection when they took the obvious form of shoes! I loved these!!Sportmax was also a great collection and totally not what I expected to see! Judging from previous seasons I thought it would be quite clean but I loved the slight turn this season with vintage, oriental and bondage-esque influences! As always, the sight of embellishment really excites me and I loved the turtle neck-under-gold and silver embellished dress-with thigh split!As soon as I noticed a nod towards the 1920s near the end of the collection, I knew I had to include No.21 in my entry! I loved how the embellishment creeps up and around the feathers on the outfits below and who knew how chic dark salmon, lemon and grey lace could look in one outfit!!I always love the Alberta Ferretti collections and loved it once again...although my colleagues did not seem to be that bothered by it! I loved the 20s and 60s amalgamation, the slick hairstyles, the thigh-high velvet boots, the tangerine/violet and magenta/blue colour combinations and the heavy embellishments!

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Friday, 25 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part VIII.

Onto the Milan shows, well, Prada blew me away! I just adore this collection! The 1960s and 1920s mix has been executed in an amazing way that although there are references to both decades, the collection still looks incredibly modern!
The goggles were perfect for styling and the last half of the collection (below) was definitely my favourite part where dresses were embellished with crescent shaped pailettes and the colour mixes were just beautiful!! This is definitely one of my most favourite AW11 collections!

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cobalt Cafe.

Back in October 2010, I attended the London MCM Expo which you can read all about here and here...but there was so much for me to talk about that I had to split it up! However, I ended up forgetting about some art that I also purchased by Zarina Liew of Cobalt Cafe.There was a lot of wonderful art but Cobalt Cafe definitely caught my eye, and if you follow my blog, you would already know that I like to collect postcard-sized art and a lot of the artists I liked at the event, didn't offer that option.The colours used in these pieces are so beautiful and I just loved the fashion and fantasy mixed theme! I'll definitely be looking at her work via her site, which I have noticed has even more lovely art added!! Hopefully I can add the new ones to my collection at this years MCM Expo?!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part VII.

I have consistently liked Christopher Kane's collections and once again, he didn't disappoint! The coloured liquid encased in rubber was so innovative (for a garment) and although the majority of his collection was black, I still found it very exciting!I loved the double split-thigh dresses which he's done for a few seasons now but this detail hasn't made its way into mainstream yet, and I'm hoping it does now as I'd love to have something like it! Then the retro homespun looks were so adorable and completely inspired me to publish an entry about it over on the British Sellers on Etsy blog!! As the collection almost ended, I was surprised and in total awe with the sequined looks. I wasn't expecting it but ended up loving the collection even more because as many of you may now, I do like an embellished number!

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Monday, 21 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part VI.

I previously blogged about the Ashley Isham show, which was one I also attended and just adored! My previous photos didn't do it any justice, so I just had to show some of my favourite pieces again such as the oriental-inspired head pieces, green printed velvet dress and the finale 'bride' look!Next is a designer I am often fond of, John Rocha. I love the richness of the looks, with beautiful embellishment and a whole lot of texture! I also absolutely love the sheer loose trousers styled with chunky boots!The collection by Charles Anastase was delightful! As always, styling was so perfect and the super-high ponyskin wedges were amazing! I especially loved the velvet all-in-one pantsuit...something I am definitely keen on wearing this Winter!

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part V. Bernard Chandran.

I went to the Bernard Chandran show on Saturday and took my 14 year old sister with me as she is very much into photography, and I thought this would be a good chance for her to test out her skills, and experience a little bit of London Fashion Week for the first time!
As I went through my photos, they were once again completely I had a look at what my sister took and she did a slightly better job! Some were even accidentally artistic!
The collection was brilliant and very bright indeed! There were some really creative silhouettes happening and I loved the feathered styles. Beadwork and styling was also lovely to see and overall, the collection seemed to be a real crowd-pleaser!!
My sister also enjoyed herself very much and decided that it is what she wanted to do as a career...for now.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fall 2011. Part IV.

I previously blogged about my favourite New York fashion collections, and now I'm onto London! I went to the Felder Felder, Bora Aksu and Ashley Isham shows on Friday and here are some of my photos! Sorry, I don't have the greatest camera for photographing motion, but you sort of get the gist!Felder Felder was slightly disappointing especially in regards to the print which looked a bit dated. I didn't feel completely satisfied when it finished and wished there were more 'WOW' pieces. However, there were some brilliant elements such as the use of feather (I'm really feeling feathers!!) and I loved the midnight blue colourations. There was also a graphic floral embellishment which looked really modern, although I think could have been pushed further. Overall, it was still great to be at the show!
A 15 minute dash then took me to the Bora Aksu show where I took the worst photos ever, these two were the best out of an awful bunch! I really loved this show, and I will be featuring it again with the professional photos once I go through the other London shows!As I was going through my photos, I thought the one below was pretty funny as it seems like the lady sitting in front of me is getting a much better photo on her phone, then I am with my camera!Lastly, the Ashley Isham show!! I knew I would like this but being there in person just made it ten times more exciting! The show kicked off with Adele's song 'Rolling in the Deep' which I hadn't fully heard until that moment, and it's actually a brilliant song, especially as I had never really paid much attention to her before (I tend to just listen to 70s/80s music!)!I also spotted Paloma Faith and Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) sitting front row and I felt so naughty taking their photos, but they both looked great!The theme for Ashley Isham's collection was 'The Enchanted Forest' and you could absolutely see this! I loved the theatricality of it and oriental elements such as the chopstick headpieces! The look below was one of my most favourite, it was a forest green off-shoulder mini dress...and if I had not seen it in person, I would not have known that it was printed velvet! Just adorable!