Monday, 27 June 2011

The End of The Next Generation.

Back in August 2008, I had mentioned that my boyfriend and I were making our way through the entire Star Trek series and I was supposed to do a review after each one...but we finished The Next Generation in 2009! ...and now we're actually almost half way through Deep Space Nine! I had so much to say about The Next Generation, but as I have left it so late since finishing it, I can't really remember much, but I do remember my favourite episode - 'Timescape' from Season Six.

I think it's fair to say that Star Trek is quite a serious program with matters that reflect back into the 'real world'... and if it wasn't for some characters, there would be no humour at all. However, in 'Timescape', it was a whole different kind of humour. There is a scene that I remember so perfectly, where a lifeform freezes everyone on the Enterprise and the Romulan ship. Captain Picard, Data and Jordi were off the ship when this happened, therefore unaffected. They board the Romulan ship, and this is where I am no longer taking the program seriously, but instead laughing my head off! I am laughing at the fact that the Romulan's are supposed to be 'frozen' but due to budget (or whatever else it may be!), the Romulan actors simply have to 'act' frozen...however, they are the most wobbly bunch of actors I have ever seen! I remember being in absolute tears and giggling about it for ages! Then there was another scene in this episode where Captain Picard starts to experience different emotions, draws a smiley face in a cloud and laughs like there is no tomorrow...this again was infectiously funny! I even found this amazing GIF to demonstrate!
I really wish I could review 'The Next Generation' in more depth but it has been too long since I finished it! However, I genuinely think that the Star Trek franchise is really brilliant and it explores so many ideas in regards to the really gets you thinking!

Friday, 24 June 2011


Camelot recently broadcasted on UK terrestrial TV a few weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it! I never tire of seeing the story of King Arthur being told over and over again in many variations...and this one is definitely one of the best so far! The cast is excellent but also with many surprises! At the moment, Jamie Campbell Bower is fine as Arthur (he hasn't blown me away yet) and Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere actually actress I wasn't sure about for the role when I had only seen her in the St. Trinian's films! However, the best characters so far are Eva Green as Morgan and Joseph Fiennes as Merlin. Eva Green does an amazing job and is so unbelievably good at being evil! The only issue I currently have is her accent, which sounds slightly odd to me, but her performance is just brilliant! Joseph Fiennes is also excellent as Merlin, and I love that the Merlin character is not an elderly bearded man as portrayed in other productions...there is also an element of him being evil which I don't recall in other versions...I quite like this fact as it makes him seem more human, rather than just an untouchable 'wise old man'.
I highly recommend watching it if you enjoy this genre!

Monday, 20 June 2011

deviantART: Mihai82000

My first proper memory of 'Surrealism' was when I was at college doing a course in Art & Design. My classmates and I were taken to an exhibition and I very clearly remember being extremely humoured by a furry teacup by Meret Oppenheim. Little did I know at the time that it was world famous but everything in the exhibition certainly got my attention. Other artists that I was also introduced to while exploring this genre were Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali and Man Ray... all whose work I adore! So, Surrealism is definitely one of my favourite genres in Art...and when I came across Mihai82000 on deviantART I just knew that I had to blog about his work!
First is Pseudo - Gustativus which humoured me and the detail was just great to look at!
Next is Posterity of Butterflies which I found beautiful and loved the little plaque detail.
Concert No 4 was one of those that just made me chuckle and you quickly realise that you can get ideas from absolutely everything! I thought this piece was excellent!
Origins of Art was just the cutest! Probably not intentionally cute, but definitely cute to me! The message is quick to understand and the little drawings inside the egg shell were adorable! There is so much that I wanted to include but if you like what you see here, be sure to check out the rest of his gallery!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


I have a lot of white furniture in my bedroom and I love it! The tables and walls provide the perfect backdrop for when I am photographing new product for my Etsy shop and I can be totally flexible with colours I want to include in terms of duvet covers, curtains etc... I like to think of my room as an IKEA-Muji hybrid!
Anyway, my dark grey HP keyboard and grey mouse were really starting to stand out and looked really ugly so I decided to hunt for some new ones! I didn't think I would have much luck as nice, white accessories are usually Apple-branded but I quickly came across the perfect ones by Microsoft on Amazon!

I always felt that my mouse was much too big for my hand and quite heavy, which often left it aching...but the mouse I found (Compact Optical Mouse 500 v2) was literally half the size! I've been using it for about a month now and it is so comfortable! The keyboard I got was the Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 and it just looks much nicer than the ugly grey one I had! The keys are great to type with and much quieter than my previous keyboard.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Royal Ascot 2011.

I attended the Royal Ascot on Thursday (Ladies Day) and although I had a great time, I was slightly disappointed with the overall 'fashions' and headpieces in comparison to last year, when I struggled to choose from my favourites...and I only have a couple of favourites this time! However, I think this may be because it was raining, therefore it seemed that many people decided to dress a bit 'safer' than how they usually would if it was sunny! 
Anyway, my favourites were definitely a group of ladies I came across with bird fascinators - I thought they all looked stunning together! My next favourite was used to generate awareness around Malaria, although at a distance, I thought it was some sort of alien antennae! I hope next year will be much more exciting!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I attended MCMExpo in May which you can read here and purchased all 4 volumes of a newly released comic book, Requiem - Vampire Knight. It is written by Pat Mills and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit and is the first 'proper' comic book I have read since I was a child. I have always loved comic books but I got through them much too quickly which did not leave the story in my mind for long, so I simply forgot about them. I think the last one I actually read was Painkiller Jane when I was around 15! Of course, my love of 'comics' definitely continued but through films/animations rather than books such as Hellboy, X-Men etc... Now that I'm older, in a secure full-time job and that my younger sister loves all things Manga and Anime - I am remembering and becoming even more aware of all the other things out there for me to enjoy - not just Fashion! When I think back, Fashion was definitely the most dominant thing in my life for a very long time... probably the time from college straight to the time I got myself a 'proper' job in Fashion - which covers about 7-8 years...although it was most intense after finishing my degree when I finally 'had' to work...and getting into Fashion Design is incredibly hard unless you are starting your own label of course - but you need a lot of money to do this, or if you're lucky enough, to be sponsored.
However, without going off point is that there are so many facets to my interests and people are often shocked at the things I like which doesn't surprise me because people I have met that are NOT IN Fashion, certainly have a stereotyped view about people IN Fashion, which I often find amusing nevertheless!Anyway, Requiem! This is the comic book I never knew I was looking for! I got through all 4 volumes in 2 days but I found the content very rich, so I still felt pretty satisfied! My sister actually started to read them first, then passed them to me after each one...which made me quickly realise that she would probably be regarded as too young to read them as it is filled with sexual content, both discreet and indiscreet..and if this was made into a film, it would be an 18 rating...but I actually don't think she paid much attention to it anyway apart from the nudity which she commented about .. but, they're only illustrations, and absolutely blindingly fantastic illustrations too! Olivier Ledroit has a true talent with creating expression, mood and humour through his work. I probably wouldn't even really need to read the text to understand what was happening...although I would then miss out on some of the extremely humorous dialogue!I could go on about this for ages but one of my favourite parts of this comic is the world it is set in which is called Resurrection... also known as, Hell. People are 'reincarnated' on Resurrection into monsters depending on how they were in their 'lives'...but everything is also the opposite! So, people who carried out the most awful crimes would actually reincarnate as Vampires, which is the highest ranking monster as obviously they are typically seen as quite sophisticated creatures...where those who have committed little or none, would reincarnate as zombies. I loved this idea! Something else that is 'opposite' is time. Time flows backwards so creatures end up getting younger, rather than older. There is also a Dracula character who was actually already a vampire on 'Earth', therefore he is much stronger and the most evil on Resurrection.
There is an array of other creatures but apart from the Vampires, my next favourite Race are The Archaeologists who were mass-destruction weapon scientists on Earth and collect all technology that arrives on Resurrection to preserve. This is another example of how 'backwards' Resurrection is...they do not believe in 'progressing' in 'society'. The most exciting thing about this Race is that they look like mummies and when they want to leave their sarcophagus, they need to wear the skin of another race. These illustrations were just the funniest things I'd ever seen...almost surreal! My sister was also especially amused by this Race. I was tempted to photograph it to show on my blog but I wouldn't want to spoil it so I highly recommend you buy and read the comic yourself!
The humour and some of the story lines were so outrageous it started to remind me of True if you like True Blood, this would absolutely be the comic book for you!
My sister and I absolutely cannot wait for the 5th volume which will be available at October's Comic-Con!...and I am now also on a mission to read all other Pat Mill's comics and comics illustrated by Olivier Ledroit!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

deviantART: *PapaNinja

This isn't the first time I've said this - but, I can't believe I haven't blogged about my favourite deviantART's for ages! This time I am introducing PapaNinja! His work is super fun and I particularly like the Pin-Up aesthetic to them. Above is 'Fuchsia' which I thought was really funny, 'Fuchsia's' expression is just brilliantly rendered! Below is 'Vamp Nadine' which also made me laugh and I loved the Baby Nosferatu character! Be sure to check out more of his work by clicking on the highlighted links!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Film Review: The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

This film is pretty much the opposite of any other film I tend to go for, but I had added it to my LOVEFiLM list ages ago when I noticed that it had a really high rating and I am really keen on discovering older films that I would have missed due to my age (I was 10 when this came out) and actually, it was surprisingly OK!
However, when it arrived and I looked at the cover, I pondered if I could really watch a romance film with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep - both actors I'm not too bothered about. Although having said that, Clint Eastwood was fantastic in 'Gran Torino' and Meryl Streep in 'Death Becomes Her'/'Devil Wears Prada'/'Mamma Mia'!
The film is actually quite slow and is simply about a housewife who meets and falls in love with a photographer while her husband and children are away. I think this film could have been incredibly boring with the wrong actors but both Meryl and Clint were excellent! I really believed it all!!
I would describe this film as 'The Notebook' for an older generation, even though it has no similarities whatsoever, it still runs on the same thread.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Film Review: X-Men - First Class (2011)

I couldn't wait to watch this as I felt like it had been YEARS since I last watched an X-Men film!...and I was not disappointed!
The film is a prequel to the X-MEN films which focuses mostly on Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr - both excellently played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender... these two actors were a great choice for the characters. The film starts by introducing both these characters as children - Erik in a German concentration camp and Charles in a mansion where we are quickly introduced to the shape-shifting mutant, Raven/Mystique who becomes Charles' best friend - something I wasn't expecting at all as they are 'enemies' in the X-Men films! I liked it though!
One scene I remember that irritated me slightly though is when Erik Lensherr (Magneto) is at the concentration camp and Dr. Schmidt asks him to move a coin using his metal-manipulation powers otherwise his mother (being held by two soldiers behind him) would be killed. He is unable to do this and Dr. Schmidt shoots her. This provokes him to kill the soldiers by crushing their helmets - which crushes their skulls...and he proceeds to violently move metal around the room. Dr.Schmidt is clearly delighted and realises that anger is the source to his power...something Charles helps Erik to deal with later on in the film and something I feel was the hook between their relationship. So, the annoying thing about that scene is that Dr.Schmidt is the one that shoots his mother so why doesn't Erik kill him or harm in any way!? He could've at least had a plate to his head! This was annoying but I still thoroughly enjoyed the film!
Kevin Bacon was also fantastic as Dr.Schmidt/Sebastian Shaw ... and it reminded me of how good of an actor he really is as I think the last film I watched him in was Hollow Man, which was over 10 years ago!
I could go on so much more about each individual character but I really hope there is a sequel-to-the-prequel as I feel there is so much more to explore! I mean, there is so much to explore in X-Men full stop as I think there are about 50 years worth of stories!
One more thing that I just have to mention...the very short Wolverine cameo appearance is the most hilarious scene, we were laughing about it for ages!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Selfridges Project Ocean: Save our Seas.

I was sent an email notifying me of Selfridges hosting 'Project Ocean' which is a month long celebration of the oceans to highlight the issue of over-fishing, helping to understand the threats to the ocean and making positive choices about the right fish to buy and eat. However, I had actually already noticed it in store but it was only a I was grateful for the reminder as it is definitely towards a good cause which is also supported by fashion designers and chefs! You have until the 12th of June to visit Selfridges and see it all for yourself.I also wanted to mention that the Katharine Hamnett t-shirts are great but I really want the turquoise net bag!!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I absolutely love Uniqlo, but only in Spring/Summer! I love it when they bring out their printed t-shirts which I always get! This time I got a Dragonball and Naruto one (for my sister) which also included a Naruto DVD - an Anime my sister has been going on about for me to watch for ages! I just wish they offered printed t-shirts all year round!