Friday, 30 December 2011

The Other Art Fair. Part III.

To finish off my review on 'The Other Art Fair' (you can also read Part I and Part II) is Patrick StPaul!
Patrick was extremely kind enough for me to photograph until my heart's content and there was just so much!! The below piece reminded me of Beetlejuice, which makes me wonder how many times I watched it as a child for black and white stripes to remind me of it all the time! I thought this piece was amazing!!
There were lots of pieces of art that had bone as the primary medium, something I found very interesting! In fact, I think many people may have found Patrick's work quite grotesque, but my sister and I were completely enthralled by it! There was also a huge sense of surrealism in his work - one of my most favourite themes in art.
The next piece I really loved was this eerie portrait that was covered in a lace fabric. It really stood out and there was a lot to see behind the lace.
And something else I wanted to mention was this rabbit! It was definitely the piece that caught my eye first on seeing Patrick StPaul's stand...and with the question of if it was real or not. Patrick preferred the viewer to decide what it was (upon asking him) ...and I decided that it was! I can imagine this piece as being a 'love it' or 'hate it' ...but I found it pretty fascinating and wanted to know the story behind it!
So, that's all for my little visit to The Other Art Fair, and I can't wait for the next one!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Gifts and a New Calendar!

Just wanted to share a few of the things I got for Christmas! Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler (my most favourite!), an amazing Cookie Press (will blog about this when I use it) and an amazing Cookbook with mouthwatering recipes!
I also got myself a mini Erté calendar which I think is the 3rd or 4th one I've bought...surprisingly, I struggle to find good calendars, but is this because majority of people use their phones now therefore not much demand?

Monday, 26 December 2011

Winter Wonderland.

I've always wanted to go to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland but I have never been in London during the time it has been on, so kept missing it each year. However, I got the opportunity to go this time round! I instantly loved the vintage feel of it and it was even slightly eerie with the naked trees!
There were also many stalls to browse and I just had to snap the one below as it was so beautifully presented!
My family and I also did a bit of ice-skating (which I love!)...but it was a little crowded!
....and it was even prettier when it was dark! It's a great place to go but there is just so much people and I did find myself getting impatient having to queue for so long for things! There was lots of food (I had the most yummy hot dog!) to taste... a variety of fairground rides and just generally lots to do! Even though it is extremely expensive (in regards to both the food and rides!) I think I would go again for the experience as it is only once a year!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wimbledon Car Boot Sale.

I recently mentioned coming across the Time Out website (no idea what took me so long to use it!) and while browsing some good places to go shopping for Vintage, I came across good car-boot sales too. 
I hadn't been to a car-boot sale for a very long time but as the Wimbledon car-boot sale was highlighted as being one of the best in London, I decided to check it out and to see what treasures I could find!
Apologies for the dodgy blue photos, my camera was on a weird setting and I didn't realise until it was much too late!..but, the car-boot sale was very much what I expected from one - loads of junk and bad presentation. If it wasn't for the absurd amount of smoking going on (what was up with that?!), I probably would have spent a longer time at each section but I was pretty quick to browse! Nevertheless, if I had a car and/or a garden, I would be showing you some bits of furniture I had bought to renew and huge antique mirrors (lots of the latter - and very nice too!) ...but instead, I am showing you a mini wooden house and a mini shelving unit. However, they were only £1/$1.50 each!
They just need re-painting and could look adorable. I think the shelving unit might be used in the Kitchen to hold herb jars and I'm not sure what I'm doing with the house yet, but I'm sure it will come in use one day!
Everything was much cheaper than I expected (musical instruments in particular) and if you are doing a bit of home decorating and looking for furniture etc, this car-boot sale is definitely one to check out. I wouldn't bother looking for vintage clothing there, it wasn't the 'right' kind of vintage! The next time I go though, I will definitely organise a better form of transport as there were so many beautiful antique mirrors to purchase!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

The Other Art Fair. Part II.

Following on from my review on 'The Other Art Fair' (Part I can be read here) is Delphine Lebourgeois! Delphine was one of the first artists I came across at the venue and I instantly took a liking to her particular to 'Army'. This piece was right up my street - fearless women and I immediately spotted their gowns forming into Spartan-esque helmets!!! You can see this in better detail over on her site...I would adore having this on my wall!!
Next was Julien Spianti. I was intrigued with the 'almost finished' paintings and the nudity mixed back with was really beautiful and really told a story. The 'unfinished' look reminded me of how sometimes in films, when there is a flashback, or a dream...and not everything has fully formed...there was almost a hint of Surrealism in his work but the subject matter seemed very much real.
Alex Daw was another great artist I came across! Everything was so bright and really stood out to where his work was also seemed one of the most contemporary in the room. I could have looked at each piece for ages as there is an abundance of detail that goes into them and the paper-cutting was magnificent!
Alex Simpson's work immediately caught my attention. I loved the child-like aesthetic and 'Batboy' was the cutest! It reminded me of the film 'Kick-Ass'...and I loved it!
Dan Hillier's stand was causing a bit of a stir and I found it impossible to see things that were at a lower level... so being the impatient person that I am, I took a quick snap and walked on by. However - I adored his idea of reviving Victorian elements and making them so much more interesting! I could see what the fuss was about!
The below piece by Jennifer Louise Martin was beautiful! The size of it definitely played a huge part in it doing so and I could really relate to it as it was very much a 'fashion' painting. It even looked great on the rough, graffitied wall!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Secret Santa.

 I just wanted to share what my Secret Santa (i.e. work colleague) got me for Christmas! A pretty little box, filled with a pin cushion (I've always wanted one of these!), a pair of super-cute socks and a yummy passport-holder!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I have been a bit obsessed with interior design lately and have been spending a lot of time (and probably a bit too much money) decorating my room! This involved mainly by framing my collected pieces of art ...but buying the frames was getting much too expensive ...until I came across the NYTTJA range from IKEA. I couldn't believe how low the prices were! However, I'm not saying the quality is mind-blowing (which makes sense for such a low price) but they did the job. I may have also gone a little overboard purchasing them...but I was under pressure as they were closing up!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Symbolic Imports.

I came across Symbolic Imports via Heartsy, and like many other times, decided to take advantage of the great offer! I purchased the Clean Cotton Soap and Clean Cotton Sugar Scrub.
The scent was exactly what I had imagined...super clean with the lovely fresh laundry smell. I particularly liked the soap as it didn't leave my skin 'squeaky' which a lot of other handmade soaps tend to do to my skin...and the scrub was also great to use!
If shipping costs wasn't a problem then I would definitely purchase more soaps and things internationally but at least I can get a taste of it through some of the Heartsy offers. 
I would really recommend Symbolic Imports...some of the perfume oils sound yummy!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

ASOS Bitten.

I first noticed 'Bitten' on ASOS.COM many months ago and like many other things, I just HAD to have them! However, I didn't NEED them so I decided to wait and hope that I would catch them in a SALE....but by this time, they had sold out! A few weeks later, they had been restocked but I still decided to wait for some sort of discount before getting them....and my patience was well rewarded! I finally have them and they're amazing!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Writing Sets.

Just added some new writing sets consisting of a pouch, an envelope, a sticker and two notecards... great for those who hate having to wrap small gifts! See them here in my Etsy Shop!