Monday, 9 January 2012

Building my Wall.

A few years ago, I had said that I didn't like putting Art on my walls as I worried that I could tire from seeing them everyday...therefore I had made a special book to keep them all in. However, I am now obsessed with filling my walls up with Art...oh how things change!
This is how one of my bedroom walls looked like a few months ago....
...and this is how it currently looks like now! I've added in pieces I have purchased over the years but also new things like the illustration I had done of myself by Celine Choo when I was at MCMExpo in London...other bits I also got there is the beautiful monochrome piece in the left corner by Yuri Kore. The empty frame (which looks like it is a mirror) was from Urban Outfitters and I've just put it up so I don't forget about it and I'm still waiting for the perfect piece of art to put inside it!
One of my favourite artists - Patricia Anders - was so lovely to send me a Christmas card with one of her pieces mounted on top (below, top left) I just had to frame it alongside some of her other pieces and the spooky, bald dolls are by Jessica Rosario. My wall will continue to grow so I will update you all again in a few months!
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