Saturday, 28 January 2012

Film Review: In Time (2011)

'In Time' stars Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake and is set in the future where 'time' is currency as people stop ageing at 25 and have one 'living' year left from that point onwards. To extend their lives, they are to work, for more 'time'. This is the case for the 'poorer' groups of people who are living in the ghetto, and literally working each day to live. However, there is a richer society that have been living for hundreds of years and have lots of 'time' stored away. Justin Timberlake's character Will realises this when he saves a wealthy man from his 'time' being stolen and exposes the truth about the rich. The wealthy man then transfers all his time (116 years) but 5 minutes to Will, as he goes to die. 
There is a scene where his mother dies which I thought was exceptionally good and well filmed. Will then seeks out a way to bring down the system with the help of Amanda Seyfried's character, Sylvia. 
I thought Amanda Seyfried was brilliant and always convincing...although I wasn't sure I was convinced with the chemistry between her character and Justin Timberlake's character. However, this was a small issue as their relationship was not the prime factor.
Overall, a decent Sci-Fi film with good ideas, but could be forgetful.
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