Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Film Review: Limitless (2011).

When I first read about 'Limitless' - a story about a guy who takes a pill that allows him to 'access 100% of his brain, rather than the normal 20%', I thought it sounded a little ridiculous! Then I watched the trailer and thought it could actually be quite amusing to watch, and so I did!
Bradley Cooper plays Eddie, the guy who takes the pill. He starts off as a broke writer, unable to write anything and living in a dirty flat until he comes across his ex brother-in-law who offers him the aforementioned pill. Eddie does not believe it to work but as he has nothing to lose, decides to take the pill anyway. He then starts experiencing things in a different, much clearer way and believes that the pill is his way to success. 
Many more things happen in between this time, such as getting his girlfriend to take one to save her life and accessing a memory of watching a Bruce Lee film which enables him to fight his way out of a situation (I thought this was hilarious!) and so, the film has definitely been executed in a very clever way, but it isn't the greatest film, nor the worst.
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