Saturday, 14 January 2012

Film Review: Splice (2009).

I wanted to watch this film when it came out but like many other films, completely missed it at the cinema!
Upon reading the synopsis, it reminded a little of 'Species', which is one of my favourite films and I was probably too young when I watched it, but I guess it was the whole 'female kicking-ass' idea of it that I liked....even though she was perceived as the baddie! ...there are two sides to everything!
'Splice' stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as genetic engineers and having successfully 'spliced' the DNA of a range of animals to create a hybrid... are then curious to see the results of adding human DNA into the mix! It is actually Sarah's character Elsa who is the most eager to do this and proceeds with the experiment.
Obviously, the experiment works and you see the entire life span of the human/animal hybrid. From it's limb-less, almost worm-like stage (quite disturbing!) to it developing human features and what I found most disturbing of all were that the feet, were like hands! There was much more that was disturbing, but that just really touched a nerve!

The hybrid, who is called Dren, becomes smarter and develops a range of skills, clearly adopted from the mix of animals in its DNA. This is when it gets a little bit more interesting! Although Adrien and Sarah's performances were really good and believable!
I think the interpretation of the human/animal hybrid was visually good although maybe a little predictable....I actually felt that it was too attractive (apart from the hands-as-feet!)...but then is my thought of it being 'ugly', a predictable idea also? Anyway, Dren starts to yearn for human things which is when it starts getting really strange and actually quite amusing - although I am sure it isn't supposed to! ....but maybe if I watched Species now, I would possibly find that amusing too!
There is then a little turn of events which if you're sharp (and a film-fan!), you would have caught on to before it happens! This definitely gave the film an extra star and made it more of a 'horror'...the ending was also good and left it open for a sequel which I think could be better than the first...if there was one.
I would definitely recommend this film for all Sci-Fi/Horror's not mind-blowing, but good entertainment and good actors!
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