Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hide Away.

I had been eyeing the ASOS Hide Away wedges since they came out a few months ago but could not decide which ones to get as I loved them all! They were a great height (i.e. wearable) and wedges in general are always much more comfortable to wear! So, when they recently went into SALE, I did go a bit crazy and got them all! I thought I'd return a few of them but they were as comfortable as I imagined them to be and getting all four pairs (plain black, embellished black, ox-blood velvet and leopard) for under £100 was a bargain!
My favourite pair are the ones with an embellished crown motif, they are so cute!! My sister looked at me with confusion when she spotted the plain black version but I got them as I wanted to embellish them myself...I haven't got round to doing this yet as I am still pondering what to do!
This is a pure example of how I can get a little obsessed with things I love and wanting them in all the ways possible...I have also just spotted a green version of these wedges on the site and not sure if I can hold back...
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