Thursday, 5 January 2012

How to make a Necklace Display.

This is a tutorial to show how you can make a necklace display with little cost!
I bought an 8"x6" white frame (you can get this anywhere!) and added a piece of blue card to tie in with my branding. You can obviously put whatever you like in here, whether it's your logo, an image, description of product...anything!
I then bought a pack of small nails (again, you can buy this anywhere!) and as my necklace display was purposely for my sterling silver initial necklaces, I ensured that there was an even gap between each nail to hold all 26 necklaces. It was very easy to hammer in all the nails and only took a few minutes. Of course, this method can be applied to all types of frames depending what sort of thing you want displayed!
If I had more time, I would have sprayed the nails white, but this is still something I can do at a later date!
Below is how I have used my new necklace display which I had on my shelf at Things British!
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