Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kitchen Italia.

My sister and I had lunch at Kitchen Italia in Covent Garden (London) a few months ago and although I struggled to find the time to blog about it at the time, I still really wanted to mention it on my blog nevertheless!

We both thought it was quite mysterious as you can't see what it actually looks like by standing at the entrance apart from seeing a poster of it (which you can never take as the whole truth!) and you can't see if it's busy either.
However, it was around 3pm so 'lunchtime' was over and it was too early for dinner, so we popped down the stairs and hoped for the best!

We were in for a bit of a shock as it was REALLY busy with about 20 children - clearly, a birthday party! It took a while for us to get noticed as it didn't seem like there was much staff on the floor and when there were some, they were scrabbling around trying to clear up as food was being finished. A few minutes later we were told that we would need to wait about 5 minutes to get a seat, which we didn't mind.
The design was quite pleasant and homey, something I didn't really expect for an Italian restaurant in central London...and even with the fact that you could be sitting very close to someone else! ...a reason why I often avoid places like Wagamama because it's just TOO close! At least at Kitchen Italia, I felt that staff made a conscious effort to miss a seat between groups of people, if there was space.
 We ordered some Garlic Foccacia Bread with Cheese as a starter which although had hardly any taste of garlic, was still quite nice...but have it while it's hot! 
As a main, I went for the most typical Italian dish, lasagne! I love lasagne and all lasagne's taste differently which is why I will continue to order it over and over again...the same goes for Spaghetti Bolognese!
I was quite surprised at the size of it when it came, it was smaller then what I was used to, which was great as I never can finish a 'normal' lasagne (I'm a 'have to eat small portions but often' kind-of girl!)...and I couldn't believe how delicious it was! I instantly noticed how less salty it was in comparison to other lasagne's I've had, which actually made me really appreciate every other ingredient! I think I can say it is one of the best lasagne's I've ever had and did not feel the slightest bit bloated! The small portion was perfect for me and I loved how it came straight in a pan and still sizzling! I don't think my photo does it justice but I promise it looked much better, especially when you can smell it too!
I forgot to take a photo of our drinks, but I particularly liked the menu...I felt it was different to other places and 'easy'. I had 'Lemon and Limeade' which was yummy, and my sister had 'Citrus Iced Tea' which was also yummy!
Then comes the final part, dessert! Now, when tiramisu is available, then I will be getting it. It's definitely one of my most favourite desserts and like lasagne, it always tastes different so I always get it!
My sister and I decided to share one together as we were pretty filled up with our main, so we were surprised at the perfect sized portion for two!
Again, my photo doesn't do it justice but believe me, it was INCREDIBLE! Best tiramisu ever! ....I wonder though, if I am being so blown away by the food here, then how am I going to be if I was to have it in Italy itself!
I was so impressed with everything and I think it's now my favourite Italian restaurant in London. It's my mother's birthday soon and with Tiramisu also being her favourite dessert, I think I will have to bring her to Kitchen Italia! I would absolutely recommend this place!!!!!! ...but if anyone has any recommendations for another Italian in London that I should try, please let me know!
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