Wednesday, 1 February 2012

...and more shoes.

It was my Birthday yesterday and as a treat, I decided NOT to wait for a discount on some shoes that I wanted - I have a real issue with paying full price on clothing and accessories since I started working in Fashion as I really understand how much it actually costs to get produced!
...but it was my Birthday and I HAD to have these shoes...I couldn't risk waiting for them to go on SALE and for my size to still be available! They're called 'Hide and Seek' and are from ASOS.COM.
I haven't worn them out yet but they are so light and comfortable - I can't see them being a problem at all! I am desperate however for the white glitter version too... just look at how cute they are!

I did also get another pair of shoes from the ASOS WHITE range which were discounted from £85 to £25.50! I loved the colour and the whole design of it which I thought looked really unique...and it's so hard to get a nicely designed mid-heel shoe these days!! It seems like you either wear flats or gigantic platforms!!!
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