Friday, 17 February 2012

AW12 - Part II.

Anyone who pays homage to the 1920s will get a place on my blog and Ralph Lauren did it again! There was a Great Gatsby feel last season, but this time he has taken inspiration from Downton Abbey (something I still need to watch!!).
The first half of the collection was all very masculine but it was the second half that I just adored!
The encrusted necklines were so glamorous and the simple beaded flapper dresses were beautiful! There was also a cardigan which I originally thought was metallic, but on closer inspection, was simply embellished into a cable-knit pattern!!
I also loved the opulent snake necklace which was a nod to the Egyptian Revival in the 1920s (on the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb), and was heavily reproduced...(you will find a ton of these on eBay, I even have one myself!)....I know I can always rely on Ralph Lauren to make New York Fashion Week exciting for me!
Although Rodarte hasn't blown me away for a couple of seasons now, I still love their overall aesthetic. There is always something so romantic about their pieces and I always love the styling. I particularly liked the colour palette and the hand-printed dresses!
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