Sunday, 12 February 2012

Film Review: The Woman in Black (2012)

I was really looking forward to watching this when I had first known it was getting produced as when I was at college, my class was taken to watch 'The Woman in Black' at the theatre and I had thought it was great! I didn't remember the storyline, but I remembered it making me jump and that there was a scene where fog filled the entire theatre and out of nowhere, the 'Woman in Black' had appeared and was walking down the aisle right next to me! Definitely an unforgettable experience and a show that I continued to want to watch again (if it wasn't for the expensive tickets!!).
I was also interested to see Daniel Radcliffe in a different role, and while on the subject, he did a great job. I didn't feel like he was 'scared' enough, but I guess that was just his character and I guess I preferred that compared to if he was screaming like a girl every second.
Daniel plays Arthur, a solicitor who visits an old town to deal with a case concerning the estate of Alice Drablow. A series of events happens and although he is clearly unwelcomed in the town, he is adamant on finishing off his work and also solving the problem with 'The Woman in Black'.

'The Woman in Black' appears at some great, totally unexpected moments which had the entire audience jumping...which also provoked a lot of giggling! Some scenes were very clever...such as the rocking chair scene, which was very effective. It reminded me of what 'horror' films are about...anticipation, mood and 'trick of the eye' moments.It was all very traditional, which is hard to find in modern film, where it seems everyone just wants to use 3D and special-effects overkill.
(I had read that this film almost went 3D - in which case I would not be reviewing it at this moment in time!)

The ending was very unexpected, sad, but very good! ...I highly recommend this film!
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