Sunday, 26 February 2012


I was invited to attend the SS12 'MyEdo' fashion show a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately could not make it. I really wanted to go as it was entirely Menswear and it would have been interesting to experience a change of scenery as not only do I blog about Womenswear, but I work in it too! However, even though Womenswear will always be the more exciting area for me (I think), I am still totally intrigued by Menswear and even slightly dabbled in it when I was studying Fashion Design at University and made a corduroy and leather jacket...ironically, this project was when I received one of my highest marks and I keep saying this over and over again, but if I find it in the attic, I will show it!
Nevertheless, I loved the concept of 'MyEdo', founded by Edoardo Cannarsa, and still wanted to feature the label on my blog. Below is an extract of what the label is about and I just wish I could talk about the quality and finishing of each piece, had I seen them in person!...but I don't doubt it!

"MyEdo is a luxury menswear-clothing platform that pushes the boundaries of affordable classics. Pulling away from the assembly line production and going back to basics with delivering individualized products to customers. MyEdo is especially interested in pattern, form, shape and unconventional techniques to timeless classic pieces.

Our mission is to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations giving men a freedom in clothing and constitute into one of the world’s renowned male niche market of exclusive limited edition items."

Edoardo was also extremely kind enough to send me a goodie bag from the show and there were some great things inside...but I'll leave that for another blog post even though my little sister decided to take pretty much all of it!
Below are some photos of the show that Edoardo sent to me and I can totally see the mix of classic styling with modern looks. I think an accessory range could be brilliant for 'MyEdo' and I look forward to seeing the AW12 collection as I am certain there will be some slick outerwear pieces available!
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