Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Scoop International.

I previously mentioned Scoop and was so excited to go! I wasn't disappointed at all upon arriving at the event, and although I couldn't wait to see the offerings of some AW12 pieces from an array of designers, I couldn't wait to see the art either!
I unfortunately did not have the time to document who the pieces are by, but if you really wanted to know, I am sure you could find it out via the Saatchi Gallery website.
When I had blogged about the event, Narces was one of the labels I was most keen on seeing as the eveningwear seemed so lovely, and I just had to see in it person!
I was definitely impressed and realised how 'young' a lot of the styles looked, which was a real positive to me as it can be very tricky finding an 'evening dress', without it looking too old-fashioned and with it coming up to prom season, my little sister has also been struggling to find something suitable.
The dress below was the cutest little thing ever! The applique flowers were not overbearing and the silhouette was so fun!!
...and the dress below was what I really wanted to see...and it was much more beautiful than I thought! It was so light and delicate and the lace applique (which had an interesting coating to it) was beautifully executed. If I could go back to my prom, this would be the dress I would want to wear! ...and I can't even mention what I did wear as it was just awful!! I also had the pleasure of meeting the Narces designer, Nikki, who was really lovely! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out on her future collections as I am sure it will keep on blossoming!

Next is Rachel Antonio which surprised me as I don't often go for such simple pieces, but I guess it was for this reason that I liked it! This silk organza shirt was really beautiful and I loved how it would fasten. There was also a matching skirt which I didn't photograph as I knew I wouldn't do it any justice... BUT! ...
...I just managed to find this beautiful shot from her blog and I just adore the idea of a silk organza skirt suit!! The whole outfit is even more beautiful than I originally imagined it to be. I would like to think that this is how I would dress if I was trying to go for a 'stylish-smart' look!
Then there was Orla Kiely! Yes, Orla Kiely! Who knew there was more to the stem print, who knew there was more to everything BUT clothing?...obviously, not me!
I remember being obsessed with her stem print as a teenager, and tried many times to win the bidding on any of the stem printed laminated purse from eBay, but I never won!
So, I couldn't believe it when I saw the prominent Orla Kiely logo at Scoop! I quickly looked through and loved everything I saw! It was so much better than what I imagined an Orla Kiely clothing collection would look like, it was so...young! I screamed (with delight) at my sister when I came across the furry-foiled collared dress (how cute is it!!?!?!) and the simple black velvet bow dress was just adorable! 
Next is Nocturne, and yes, isn't the fully embellished jacket below just amazing!?! The detail in their pieces were beautiful but unfortunately hard to capture on camera. The jewellery was also amazing!
Lastly, is 2b.RYCH! I also have to say a huge thank you to the Marketing Manager and Creative Director of 2b.RYCH who were so lovely and let me loose on anything and everything I wanted to photograph...I definitely had the most fun with them and I'm sure they would have happily let me try everything on if I wanted to!!
I took many more photos than what I have shown but I think it's important to leave the truly great bits for when they are actually released in a few months time!...
I loved the simple sequin cardigan (below) ...the colours were much more stunning in person!
I absolutely love smocking, and the below dress, with ombre dyeing and scalloped armholes was just delightful!
The Marketing Manager was wearing the below dress and it looked fantastic! I thought it was a great day-to-evening style and the sequins had a lovely tarnished effect to them.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and there were many more great labels I came across but unfortunately some of my photos did not come out great (due to the lighting in some of the rooms), or I was not allowed to take any. There was a great lace bomber jacket by Patrizia Pepe but the lady at the stand got into a bit of a flap when I tried to photograph it (OK so I didn't ask, but when the previous 10 stands had been OK with me photographing, I thought everyone else would be the same!)...but it was really cute!! ....and I did get the giggles for a while afterwards as I actually felt like I was at school, doing something naughty, and getting told off by a teacher!
However, it is totally understandable as I also work in Fashion and I know that sometimes things need to stay confidential and after all, it was a trade show (not open to the public)! I can't wait to go to the next one though!!! Thanks for the invite Scoop!
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