Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hei Poa Pur Monoi Traditional Oil

I first mentioned the Hei Poa brand back in November 2010 and this body oil is the second product I have bought from them! My skin is quite sensitive and can get dry if I don't moisturise properly, so during January (very cold + heating = skin issues), I had to fully equip myself with a few lotions and potions to help combat my problem! The Hei Poa body oil was a great help and smelt amazing. I read it is also suitable for conditioning hair, but I have yet to put it on my head yet! 
I am keen to use more Hei Poa products so if anyone has any recommendations for a specific product, let me know!!
.....(and please can someone fix their website as I can't seem to find an English version of it!!!!)
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