Thursday, 1 March 2012

A New Space Around The Body.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Korean Cultural Centre in London which I didn't even know existed until a friend suggested we go there! It's actually part of a huge building near Trafalgar Square and I can't believe I've never noticed it. There was a bookstore inside and they also held Korean Film Nights which as a fan of foreign film, was a delightful surprise! There are also exhibitions which is why we went! We visited the 'New Space Around the Body' exhibition which showcased pieces from 8 Korean fashion designers which tied in with London Fashion Week at the time.
First up is Minky Jaemin Ha who created the most beautiful and sculpted garments... it took all of my energy not to touch anything!!!!
I loved the sculpted white piece, it was absolutely exhibition material and the strategically placed coin 'outfit', was stunning!!
Next is Ara Jo whose pieces were fascinating! The small details such as a join between trouser legs left me amused and I later read that Lady Gaga had worn the boned one-piece (not quite sure what to call it!)...which I could totally see!
Minju Kim's collection really stood out! The mannequins looked amazing and some of the dress silhouettes were the cutest!
I absolutely adored these shoes, I loved the little acrylic pieces hanging off them!
Yoolhee Ko's jewellery was presented in such an amazing way. Each piece was suspended in front of screens that had images projected onto them/or through them (can't remember!)...and it all really suited the 'space' theme with pyrite stones and raw edged metals. Beautiful! The video that we were able to watch afterwards which included all the designers was also great as it thoroughly explained the design process and promotional material.
Above is the most amazing idea by Kye! I also saw it in person but felt my photo of it projected was much better! The idea was based around King Kong and it left me feeling very amused!
And lastly, Yeashin Kim's 'Sea Creatures' collection was adorable. My favourite was definitely the encrusted knitted cardigan which I could see turning into a true heirloom item.
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