Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Film Review: Mirror Mirror (2012)

I was so excited to watch this when I had first heard about it that I had forgotten about my 'don't watch PG films at the cinema' rule, because PG films never match up with what I had to pay to watch it (at the cinema!). Full on action films always do it for me, but unfortunately not charming films like this one. 
However - despite the above, and now that I have had time to think about it instead of rushing straight into the review, the film was actually quite delightful, apart from the ending which I will get into later. Lily Collins was perfect as Snow White and I am liking her more and more as an actress. Julia Roberts was predictably amazing and added lots of humour to the film.
The costumes was definitely my highlights of the film, I couldn't wait to see them each time a new event arose...the Ballroom scene was beautiful and the quirky costumes reminded me a little of the theatrical play 'Wicked'.
The storyline wasn't memorable for me but I remembered the ending which totally ruined it for me when Snow White starts singing and dancing in a Bollywood style which I found really unsuitable!!!!!!! I know this is because of the Indian director, Tarsem Singh, but I would have much preferred something more magical with more beautiful costumes on show. I was not impressed with this part of the film at all.
Nevertheless, I think I'm probably too old to appreciate it this film to its entirety but I can imagine it being a really lovely family film and for the younger generation.
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