Thursday, 31 May 2012

Film Review: Men in Black 3 (2012)

When I had first known about there being a third Men in Black film, I really couldn't believe that it had been a whole 15 years since the first one (does Will Smith even age?) - which I remember being hugely popular at school - it was just a really 'cool' film and Will Smith was really at his peak (a place I feel he is constantly at anyway!).
I was super excited to watch it and it was much better than I imagined! The older I get, the harder it is for films (especially sequels) to impress me as just one silly thing can cast doubt over how I feel about the film - unless there is a huge, amazing thing to compensate! (...although this theory isn't completely true if there is an element of sci-fi/fantasy involved!)
I had imagined Men in Black III to be a little childish but I still wanted to watch it at the cinema as I knew the action scenes would be amazing nevertheless and Will Smith always amuses me! However, the strangest thing happened and watching the film made me feel as if I was 12 again and pretty much everything was 'wow-ing' me!! What really blew me away though was Josh Brolin's character as a young Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).
I am always so worried about watching younger or older interpretations of characters I know so well, as I have been disappointed several times when things like ethnicity aren't even considered when casting! I can't remember the example at this present time, but I will be sure to blog about it when I do!
However, Josh Brolin was amazing!!!!!!!! Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K is so unique, from the way he speaks to the way he frowns...and Josh Brolin captured it all so perfectly! This really impressed me! As for the storyline, I honestly thought it would be straight forward - Agent J goes back in time to save Agent K from being killed - the end... but there was an amazing and emotional 'reveal' at the end, something I hadn't even considered or thought about at all. This gave such depth to all the Men in Black films and answered many questions.
I'm not going to get into the full plot of the film but I highly recommend watching it, maybe even watching all Men in Black films back-to-back!!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

MCM Expo London 2012

It's that time again for London's MCM EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly though, big mistake it was for me to arrive at 2, rather than my usual 10am...there was hardly any cosplay around at all...well, the ones I wanted to photograph anyway! Comparing this post to my first one, it is quite clear that the hardcore cosplayers get there bright and early!!(One of my favourites though was definitely Harley Quinn...whoever this girl is, she has done an amazing job and I want her metal heeled boots!!)
Secondly, getting there late and also wanting to watch the Masquerade (which started at 4-6pm) left me little time to wander around. My favourite area is definitely where the artists/illustrators were (no point even going to the Gaming area because it is hogged by teenage boys!!) but I only got to see half of them!!! 
On a very positive note, I got an illustration of myself done by artist Huy Truong! Each time I had been to Comic Con, I wanted to get it done but the artists I came across were either really busy with other customers, I couldn't find one I liked, or I did find one but decided to go back later but then not being able to find them!! So as soon as I came across Huy, with a few other people there, I decided to just be a little patient and waited!!...which also gave me time to decide what I wanted.
Unlike the people in front of me who were getting straight forward portraits done (I would have just gone to Leicester Square if I wanted this), I decided to utilise Huy's skill of creating Fantasy!! At first, I wanted to be a mermaid but snapped out of the girliest thought I'd had that day and zoned into the tomboy side of myself and decided to be a warrioress!....also a few minutes into the sitting, I realised I had forgotten one of the most important things...a sword!! So I asked to have a 'Final Fantasy-esque sword'!! My friends and family were pretty amused when I showed them the illustration, although my boyfriend said my hands looked huge in it!- admittedly, my hands were hidden under my bag and I guess the hand size suits the sword size!... nevertheless, for a 10 minute sitting, I am so chuffed with it!! ...and to add further amusement, my brother immediately sent our sister a photo of himself posing, for her to take back (she went again the following day) for Huy to illustrate him as a wizard!!! If Huy is there again in October, I am definitely doing another... I am thinking about possibly having a big gun and asking to be half cyborg!!!
Other great costumes were Fran from Final Fantasy XII, Gears of War (there were loads of them during the Masquerade and went on to win the 'Best Group Cosplay award which was totally deserved!!!
I loved the Power Rangers group! It was really sunny and they really stood out! My other favourite after Harley Quinn is definitely Neytiri from Avatar! This girl looked amazing and so authentic!! I loved her stances and apparently she did an amazing scream during the Masquerade on the Sunday - which unfortunately I was not there to see!
God of War was also great and there were some brilliant costumes during the Masquerade such as Emily from Corpse Bride and Cloud from Final Fantasy.
Below is another character from Final Fantasy but I can't remember the name! Her outfit was beautiful!!
Overall, I had a great time yet again, I just need to wake up a little earlier!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I recently finished watching the entire first season of Smash, which is a musical TV series based around the people involved in creating a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.
Although I started off being quite dubious about it as I became bored of Glee very quickly, Smash was definitely for a different audience (older) and I loved all the songs in it!
Katharine McPhee plays Karen Cartwright, a girl from Iowa with little experience but shines during the audition for Marilyn Monroe, along with Ivy Lynn who is played by Megan Hilty. The two end up competing heavily for the role and as a viewer, I really could not predict the final outcome as it was literally up and down throughout the entire series...there is even a time when Uma Thurman (she was really great!) ends up playing Marilyn!!
The storyline is easy and has a wide range of characters, both likeable, unlikeable and in-between! 
I'm glad it has been renewed for a second season as I really have no idea what direction it can take now that the final Marilyn was chosen and the performance (last 15 minutes was great!) has been done...a different musical to create?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Alien Chimera.

One of my sister's GCSE subjects is Sculpture which I can relate to as my equivalent was Ceramics (which I did at the same school 11 years ago) and our brother also did Ceramics there (13 years ago!) - so I was very interested in her work for this area and very amused at how all of us ended up being inspired by the same genre - Fantasy and Mythology..I wish I had photos of mine and my brother's work to add to this post, because you would think that all 3 pieces were created by the same person...and it is a great example of when 'things run in the family'! Funnily enough, my brother and I both excelled in this area but went on to do totally different things, I'm in Fashion Design, my brother in Property Letting...and my sister wants to do Photography.
Anyway, there was an Art Exhibition held at my sister's school last month and her work looked amazing! I particularly loved her Chimera-Alien hybrid piece...which would actually be a brilliant film monster!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

New Horoscope Traits Books!

It has been AGES since I replenished my 'Horoscope Traits Books' category in my Etsy shop because they take a pretty long time to make and I wanted to change some of the colourations around (but still sticking to the colours associated with each sign). Here is the first lot and I hope the second lot won't take too long to follow!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


My sister and I have been obsessed with watching several TV shows at the moment, especially older/cult ones and annoyingly, ones that have been cancelled. You would naturally think that 'cancelled' ones would not be as good, but having witnessed some cancellations this year on shows that I believed could have evolved into greater things if they were given the chance of a second season, just proves that there is no patience in the land of TV!! So, although I knew Moonlight only had one season before watching, I decided to just see it as a long film with a bottomless cliffhanger!

I think I first came across 'Moonlight' (premiered in 2007) while reading a blog about Vampire films and TV shows, and the author heaped a lot of praise for it which sparked my curiosity. 
'Moonlight' is about a present-day vampire called Mick St.John who is a private investigator. He was made into a vampire five decades earlier by his wife who is played by Shannyn Sossamon. I was really surprised to see her, as the last time was when she was in '40 days and 40 nights' with Josh Hartnett and 'A Knight's Tale' with Heath Ledger, 10 years ago! And both as very annoying characters!!! However, she totally redeemed herself as Coraline in 'Moonlight' and is actually quite good of an actress! Another actor I recognised was Jason Dohring who was in the now-cancelled-but-I-liked-it TV Series, Ringer. He was 'OK' in Ringer but I loved him as vampire Josef in 'Moonlight'! His character was definitely needed as Mick would not feed on humans making him a little boring, so Josef was there to be a true vampire where he always had a woman to quench his thirst and some of the things he would say was hilarious! I liked how he was a friend to Mick, rather than an enemy, which I think could have been a very easy route to take.
What was also great about the show is that all of the main characters had very interesting pasts which was explored very early on and almost made me feel that the producers knew the show would not have a long life, so they put everything into each episode. I didn't feel like things were dragging on at all, which often happens with new shows, for example; 'The Secret Circle' (now cancelled) started off very slowly but the last 3 episodes were excellent, same with 'Once Upon a Time' (also cancelled). I am also watching 'Grimm' at the moment which is a little painful to watch at the moment because it is SO PREDICTABLE AND SLOW! ...but, I love all things fairytale related so I am tolerating it for now.

Anyway, Moonlight. Unlike Grimm, the storylines were refreshing and unpredictable and definitely brought something new to the vampire genre. Also, the vampires looked great! Nothing mind-blowing but still pretty edgy and something my sister and I found incredibly amusing was how they roared like lions!!! 
If you have the opportunity, I would recommend watching Moonlight, it is only 16 episodes...I think you would be surprised at how good it is.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spot Tulle Fabric.

I'd been selling my white, ivory and black lengths of spot tulle fabric for a while now (as well as offering them as made-up soft tutu skirts) and very excited to now be able to offer additional colours such as neon pink, lilac, vanilla, mink, red and burgundy! Matching tutus will follow!
They are available here where you can also get samples and remnant bundles.