Sunday, 13 May 2012

Alien Chimera.

One of my sister's GCSE subjects is Sculpture which I can relate to as my equivalent was Ceramics (which I did at the same school 11 years ago) and our brother also did Ceramics there (13 years ago!) - so I was very interested in her work for this area and very amused at how all of us ended up being inspired by the same genre - Fantasy and Mythology..I wish I had photos of mine and my brother's work to add to this post, because you would think that all 3 pieces were created by the same person...and it is a great example of when 'things run in the family'! Funnily enough, my brother and I both excelled in this area but went on to do totally different things, I'm in Fashion Design, my brother in Property Letting...and my sister wants to do Photography.
Anyway, there was an Art Exhibition held at my sister's school last month and her work looked amazing! I particularly loved her Chimera-Alien hybrid piece...which would actually be a brilliant film monster!!
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