Thursday, 31 May 2012

Film Review: Men in Black 3 (2012)

When I had first known about there being a third Men in Black film, I really couldn't believe that it had been a whole 15 years since the first one (does Will Smith even age?) - which I remember being hugely popular at school - it was just a really 'cool' film and Will Smith was really at his peak (a place I feel he is constantly at anyway!).
I was super excited to watch it and it was much better than I imagined! The older I get, the harder it is for films (especially sequels) to impress me as just one silly thing can cast doubt over how I feel about the film - unless there is a huge, amazing thing to compensate! (...although this theory isn't completely true if there is an element of sci-fi/fantasy involved!)
I had imagined Men in Black III to be a little childish but I still wanted to watch it at the cinema as I knew the action scenes would be amazing nevertheless and Will Smith always amuses me! However, the strangest thing happened and watching the film made me feel as if I was 12 again and pretty much everything was 'wow-ing' me!! What really blew me away though was Josh Brolin's character as a young Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).
I am always so worried about watching younger or older interpretations of characters I know so well, as I have been disappointed several times when things like ethnicity aren't even considered when casting! I can't remember the example at this present time, but I will be sure to blog about it when I do!
However, Josh Brolin was amazing!!!!!!!! Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K is so unique, from the way he speaks to the way he frowns...and Josh Brolin captured it all so perfectly! This really impressed me! As for the storyline, I honestly thought it would be straight forward - Agent J goes back in time to save Agent K from being killed - the end... but there was an amazing and emotional 'reveal' at the end, something I hadn't even considered or thought about at all. This gave such depth to all the Men in Black films and answered many questions.
I'm not going to get into the full plot of the film but I highly recommend watching it, maybe even watching all Men in Black films back-to-back!!
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