Thursday, 3 May 2012


My sister and I have been obsessed with watching several TV shows at the moment, especially older/cult ones and annoyingly, ones that have been cancelled. You would naturally think that 'cancelled' ones would not be as good, but having witnessed some cancellations this year on shows that I believed could have evolved into greater things if they were given the chance of a second season, just proves that there is no patience in the land of TV!! So, although I knew Moonlight only had one season before watching, I decided to just see it as a long film with a bottomless cliffhanger!

I think I first came across 'Moonlight' (premiered in 2007) while reading a blog about Vampire films and TV shows, and the author heaped a lot of praise for it which sparked my curiosity. 
'Moonlight' is about a present-day vampire called Mick St.John who is a private investigator. He was made into a vampire five decades earlier by his wife who is played by Shannyn Sossamon. I was really surprised to see her, as the last time was when she was in '40 days and 40 nights' with Josh Hartnett and 'A Knight's Tale' with Heath Ledger, 10 years ago! And both as very annoying characters!!! However, she totally redeemed herself as Coraline in 'Moonlight' and is actually quite good of an actress! Another actor I recognised was Jason Dohring who was in the now-cancelled-but-I-liked-it TV Series, Ringer. He was 'OK' in Ringer but I loved him as vampire Josef in 'Moonlight'! His character was definitely needed as Mick would not feed on humans making him a little boring, so Josef was there to be a true vampire where he always had a woman to quench his thirst and some of the things he would say was hilarious! I liked how he was a friend to Mick, rather than an enemy, which I think could have been a very easy route to take.
What was also great about the show is that all of the main characters had very interesting pasts which was explored very early on and almost made me feel that the producers knew the show would not have a long life, so they put everything into each episode. I didn't feel like things were dragging on at all, which often happens with new shows, for example; 'The Secret Circle' (now cancelled) started off very slowly but the last 3 episodes were excellent, same with 'Once Upon a Time' (also cancelled). I am also watching 'Grimm' at the moment which is a little painful to watch at the moment because it is SO PREDICTABLE AND SLOW! ...but, I love all things fairytale related so I am tolerating it for now.

Anyway, Moonlight. Unlike Grimm, the storylines were refreshing and unpredictable and definitely brought something new to the vampire genre. Also, the vampires looked great! Nothing mind-blowing but still pretty edgy and something my sister and I found incredibly amusing was how they roared like lions!!! 
If you have the opportunity, I would recommend watching Moonlight, it is only 16 episodes...I think you would be surprised at how good it is.
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