Thursday, 24 May 2012


I recently finished watching the entire first season of Smash, which is a musical TV series based around the people involved in creating a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.
Although I started off being quite dubious about it as I became bored of Glee very quickly, Smash was definitely for a different audience (older) and I loved all the songs in it!
Katharine McPhee plays Karen Cartwright, a girl from Iowa with little experience but shines during the audition for Marilyn Monroe, along with Ivy Lynn who is played by Megan Hilty. The two end up competing heavily for the role and as a viewer, I really could not predict the final outcome as it was literally up and down throughout the entire series...there is even a time when Uma Thurman (she was really great!) ends up playing Marilyn!!
The storyline is easy and has a wide range of characters, both likeable, unlikeable and in-between! 
I'm glad it has been renewed for a second season as I really have no idea what direction it can take now that the final Marilyn was chosen and the performance (last 15 minutes was great!) has been done...a different musical to create?
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