Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Film Reviews: Jane Eyre (2011) & Real Steel (2011)

When I have the time, I could easily end up watching about 8-10 films in a week... and I love reviewing them! However, due to time restraints, I physically could not review every single film which I think is a bit of a shame! So, I have decided to do capsule-bulk reviewing! ...hopefully there is enough information for you to decide if you want to check the film out or not.

First is 'Jane Eyre' with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. I remember wanting to watch this when it was released at the cinema but a few minutes before purchasing the tickets, my sister and I decided it would not be worth it to watch on the big screen - where action/epic films are a better option! So, when I finally got round to watching it at home, I was happy with our previous decision! Jane Eyre is of course based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte and I do like a bit of a period drama every once in a while! Mia was perfect as Jane (I preferred her so much more here, than as Alice [in Wonderland]) and Michael was great as Mr.Rochester and although the film runs at a very slow pace, I still appreciated it.
I've seen so many adaptations of Jane Eyre and this film will definitely be the most memorable and full of emotion. It must also be so difficult to translate such a popular book into a film, but I didn't feel like I was missing anything...everything was covered, my questions were answered.
I think you will need patience and some form of interest with the genre to truly enjoy this film.
Next is 'Real Steel' with Hugh Jackman. This was a bit of a random film that my sister and I decided to watch and we didn't expect much from it...but were we wrong or what! The initial idea of boxing robots seemed borderline to being really cheesy but this film was fantastic! It was so much fun to watch! The funny thing was that my sister and I were REALLY getting into it whilst watching, we really cared which robot would win and we loved how the robots had personalities...such as a Japanese samurai-esque one and one with a mohawk! I think you would be pleasantly surprised at how good this film is - great for the family!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sheryl Jay - Let the Beat Hit Em (Big Beat Mix)

I'm sure I've said this many times or if you browse my Music category, you can clearly see that my taste in music is very varied! This is something I randomnly came across (not sure about the release date, early 90s maybe) and playing constantly at the moment!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chanel Resort 2013.

The Chanel Resort 2013 collection first came out in May and usually, if I am really late with blogging about things, then I would just leave it (oh how I wish I could share everything I originally planned to blog about!!)...but this collection was far too fun and beautiful to ignore! I loved the Marie Antoinette references with the full on frivolity of it, the ruffled dresses, pistachio greens and I just loved the wigs! The actual set-up of the show was also perfect and despite a few strange denim pieces in the collection, I loved it!

Monday, 18 June 2012


Back in January, I had blogged about getting my sisters' name made from wood by Vintage Signage and also got 'nuvonova' made in the process. I also mentioned that I had something else in work that I would later blog about, but never actually got round to it!!

Well, here it is! January was actually the month of my birthday and when my boyfriend asked what I wanted, I requested my initial cut from wood for my room, that was all. He was quite amused as of course, a request like this would come from a 12 year old, not a 27 year old!
Anyway, I love it! The font is from VTKS, one of my favourite font 'brands' and when I had emailed to ask if I could use it for this purpose, they were fine with it! As my initial is 'C', VTKS had the best options for me to choose from as I felt that a bold 'C' was just really boring and I could probably find one myself at a car boot sale...but I quite like how you don't instantly realise it's a 'C', do you?

I've had it on my wall for a while now but I am starting to see how child-like it looks in my room, which isn't child-like at all, so I'm going to be painting it white, so it looks like it is coming out of the wall. I will try to blog about it when it happens!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

POP Beauty Review: Lip Stain and EyeLiner.

I don't often try new beauty products from brands that I don't know much about, or have no history - which I think is fair especially as I have sensitive skin and after a few experiences as a teenager where trying new products have resulted in bad reactions, I find myself often sticking to what I know is best! However, every now and again, fancy packaging, special offers, or simply a scent can be enough to break through my shell and I find myself spending money on something totally new!
My most recent purchase has been from beauty brand POP - where I got the eyeliner and lip stain. What got my attention from these two products was the fact that they were like marker pens! The Eyeliner is actually really good, very waterproof, quick and easy to apply. The lipstain is also excellent as I never wear lipstick (I love my Vaseline too much!) ..but I sometimes feel I need some colour on my face which is when I will then tint my lips with the lipstain which is really really subtle, so if you want something more obvious, I would go for the richer colours - mine is 'Petal Pout'.
Both really good products and I think I would buy them again! I also have my eye on their nail varnish range which comes in an abundance of really fresh looking colours - I might have to break out of wearing red all the time!!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Film Review: Dark Shadows (2012)

This isn't the sort of film that I would pay a premium for to watch at the cinema but my friend and I watched it because there was nothing else to watch due to already seen what was out - this was the last resort!

The film is about a vampire called Barnabus Collins who is played by Johnny Depp and starts off in the 18th century. He is imprisoned by a witch (Eva Green) but is freed over 200 years later by construction workers and upon arriving at his home, meets his relatives. 
The storyline isn't anything to rave about, I guess the best parts of the film is pretty much whenever Barnabus reacts to something completely menial in the 1970s such as a TV and thinking it was a box with little people. Other than that, you don't really feel like the film is going anywhere.

I used to like Eva Green but she was incredibly annoying in this film and I couldn't take any of her scenes seriously.
The last half hour was better as some of the effects looked really good but overall, the film was a little disappointing for Tim Burton. However, I think it is a great family film and maybe if I was two decades younger I may have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Zara Studded Bag.

When it comes to bags, I am very indecisive and picky! I had been using the same standard black, nylon shoulder bag for years but I noticed that as it was quite spacious, I would fill it with things I didn't actually need to carry around with me all the time! Also, the lining was getting torn from keys and it was badly stained inside from leaking, I decided that it was time to get a new bag! I wanted something smaller and different to what I usually go I got my friend to help (she can spot a good bag from a mile away) as I was having no luck looking by myself (I prefer shopping alone).
After a few dozen 'nope don't like it's' and becoming amused at her patience, she led me into Zara. 
I only ever go into Zara if they're on SALE and certainly not for a bag as I always imagined them to be quite expensive...but my friend quickly plucked this bag off a shelf and I found myself instantly liking it! It's half the size of my old bag and a completely different shape to what I'm used to. I usually prefer bags to sit snugly under my armpit and at my waist so that I can retrieve my purse with ease and I can clamp my arm over it for security.
But this bag was longer and it felt very alien! However, after having it on for a few minutes and finding out that it was only £30, I got it! 
I've been using it for a couple of months now and I love it! The size encourages me to only carry what I need and to clear it out a lot often than I used to do with my other one.
This is definitely a very good find for me although opening it up on the move can be a little tricky but I loved the cute little black-on-black studding detail too!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Film Review: Prometheus (2012)

The Alien franchise is definitely at the top of my favourite films and to prepare myself for watching Prometheus (the fifth one), my boyfriend and I watched all of the previous Alien films (excluding the Alien vs Predator films) to have the storyline completely fresh in our heads even though Prometheus was a prequel.
Prometheus had such a brilliant, almost poetic opening to the film and I loved the design of the 'Engineer'...really simple but memorable....I think this character could have easily been over-designed. The 'Engineer' is shown to drink a dark liquid and dissolves into the water which I later discover was the creation of life- (sorry, too slow to work it out at the time even though it was really really obvious!)
Prometheus is very different to the other Alien films as not only does it explore where the Aliens actually came from (and tons of other things happen around this), but touches on the creation of humanity - which is of course when the Engineers come into place...and actually, I think a film just about the Engineers would be amazing!
Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, an English archaeologist. Her accent was a little strange but the more she was on screen, the less I noticed it...she was brilliant! I had already seen her in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' so I knew she'd be good. There is a scene where she suspects something in her stomach and pretty much performs her own Caesarean, revealing some sort of alien baby - this was just brilliant although a little weird after where she is running around half naked, covered in blood, and nobody bats an eye lid!!! I guess there were more serious things happening...
The storyline is so intricate that I'm not even going to attempt to explain it all but there is never a boring part in the film and some of the visuals are amazing, such as the scene where Michael Fassbender's character finds the Engineers and activates the holographic map of space.
Michael Fassbender plays an android called David and he was perfect for this role! He was quirky, mischievous, cunning and intelligent...and was the main cause for a lot of the best scenes in the film! ...and nobody found out about them! He will definitely be my most memorable android in the Alien franchise as even though I watched the other films quite recently, I can't actually remember anything important about them.
I didn't realise that Prometheus was part of a trilogy when I had watched it, so I don't have as much to say as I originally did- such as why the Engineer's ship wasn't in the exact same spot it should have been as seen in the first Alien film if you're wondering the same thing, it's because it's at a completely different point of the story!
The last half hour of Prometheus was super exciting! The alien-baby (there has got to be a better name for this?!) that Elizabeth Shaw had previously removed from her body, has now grown and she used it to help get away from the Engineer that was trying to kill her. At this point, you know exactly what is going to happen!....
...yes, it's Alien time! I can't remember if this was a post-credits scene (pretty sure it was though) but it was brilliant! The Alien was almost...cute! I'm sure I gave a sigh of relief when this happened as I was starting to wonder if I was even going to get to see an Alien in this film...but it was wonderful to watch and I can't wait to see the next one!!