Saturday, 9 June 2012

Film Review: Dark Shadows (2012)

This isn't the sort of film that I would pay a premium for to watch at the cinema but my friend and I watched it because there was nothing else to watch due to already seen what was out - this was the last resort!

The film is about a vampire called Barnabus Collins who is played by Johnny Depp and starts off in the 18th century. He is imprisoned by a witch (Eva Green) but is freed over 200 years later by construction workers and upon arriving at his home, meets his relatives. 
The storyline isn't anything to rave about, I guess the best parts of the film is pretty much whenever Barnabus reacts to something completely menial in the 1970s such as a TV and thinking it was a box with little people. Other than that, you don't really feel like the film is going anywhere.

I used to like Eva Green but she was incredibly annoying in this film and I couldn't take any of her scenes seriously.
The last half hour was better as some of the effects looked really good but overall, the film was a little disappointing for Tim Burton. However, I think it is a great family film and maybe if I was two decades younger I may have thoroughly enjoyed it.
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