Saturday, 2 June 2012

Film Review: Prometheus (2012)

The Alien franchise is definitely at the top of my favourite films and to prepare myself for watching Prometheus (the fifth one), my boyfriend and I watched all of the previous Alien films (excluding the Alien vs Predator films) to have the storyline completely fresh in our heads even though Prometheus was a prequel.
Prometheus had such a brilliant, almost poetic opening to the film and I loved the design of the 'Engineer'...really simple but memorable....I think this character could have easily been over-designed. The 'Engineer' is shown to drink a dark liquid and dissolves into the water which I later discover was the creation of life- (sorry, too slow to work it out at the time even though it was really really obvious!)
Prometheus is very different to the other Alien films as not only does it explore where the Aliens actually came from (and tons of other things happen around this), but touches on the creation of humanity - which is of course when the Engineers come into place...and actually, I think a film just about the Engineers would be amazing!
Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, an English archaeologist. Her accent was a little strange but the more she was on screen, the less I noticed it...she was brilliant! I had already seen her in 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' so I knew she'd be good. There is a scene where she suspects something in her stomach and pretty much performs her own Caesarean, revealing some sort of alien baby - this was just brilliant although a little weird after where she is running around half naked, covered in blood, and nobody bats an eye lid!!! I guess there were more serious things happening...
The storyline is so intricate that I'm not even going to attempt to explain it all but there is never a boring part in the film and some of the visuals are amazing, such as the scene where Michael Fassbender's character finds the Engineers and activates the holographic map of space.
Michael Fassbender plays an android called David and he was perfect for this role! He was quirky, mischievous, cunning and intelligent...and was the main cause for a lot of the best scenes in the film! ...and nobody found out about them! He will definitely be my most memorable android in the Alien franchise as even though I watched the other films quite recently, I can't actually remember anything important about them.
I didn't realise that Prometheus was part of a trilogy when I had watched it, so I don't have as much to say as I originally did- such as why the Engineer's ship wasn't in the exact same spot it should have been as seen in the first Alien film if you're wondering the same thing, it's because it's at a completely different point of the story!
The last half hour of Prometheus was super exciting! The alien-baby (there has got to be a better name for this?!) that Elizabeth Shaw had previously removed from her body, has now grown and she used it to help get away from the Engineer that was trying to kill her. At this point, you know exactly what is going to happen!....
...yes, it's Alien time! I can't remember if this was a post-credits scene (pretty sure it was though) but it was brilliant! The Alien was almost...cute! I'm sure I gave a sigh of relief when this happened as I was starting to wonder if I was even going to get to see an Alien in this film...but it was wonderful to watch and I can't wait to see the next one!!
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