Monday, 18 June 2012


Back in January, I had blogged about getting my sisters' name made from wood by Vintage Signage and also got 'nuvonova' made in the process. I also mentioned that I had something else in work that I would later blog about, but never actually got round to it!!

Well, here it is! January was actually the month of my birthday and when my boyfriend asked what I wanted, I requested my initial cut from wood for my room, that was all. He was quite amused as of course, a request like this would come from a 12 year old, not a 27 year old!
Anyway, I love it! The font is from VTKS, one of my favourite font 'brands' and when I had emailed to ask if I could use it for this purpose, they were fine with it! As my initial is 'C', VTKS had the best options for me to choose from as I felt that a bold 'C' was just really boring and I could probably find one myself at a car boot sale...but I quite like how you don't instantly realise it's a 'C', do you?

I've had it on my wall for a while now but I am starting to see how child-like it looks in my room, which isn't child-like at all, so I'm going to be painting it white, so it looks like it is coming out of the wall. I will try to blog about it when it happens!!
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