Wednesday, 13 June 2012

POP Beauty Review: Lip Stain and EyeLiner.

I don't often try new beauty products from brands that I don't know much about, or have no history - which I think is fair especially as I have sensitive skin and after a few experiences as a teenager where trying new products have resulted in bad reactions, I find myself often sticking to what I know is best! However, every now and again, fancy packaging, special offers, or simply a scent can be enough to break through my shell and I find myself spending money on something totally new!
My most recent purchase has been from beauty brand POP - where I got the eyeliner and lip stain. What got my attention from these two products was the fact that they were like marker pens! The Eyeliner is actually really good, very waterproof, quick and easy to apply. The lipstain is also excellent as I never wear lipstick (I love my Vaseline too much!) ..but I sometimes feel I need some colour on my face which is when I will then tint my lips with the lipstain which is really really subtle, so if you want something more obvious, I would go for the richer colours - mine is 'Petal Pout'.
Both really good products and I think I would buy them again! I also have my eye on their nail varnish range which comes in an abundance of really fresh looking colours - I might have to break out of wearing red all the time!!
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