Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Zara Studded Bag.

When it comes to bags, I am very indecisive and picky! I had been using the same standard black, nylon shoulder bag for years but I noticed that as it was quite spacious, I would fill it with things I didn't actually need to carry around with me all the time! Also, the lining was getting torn from keys and it was badly stained inside from leaking pens...so, I decided that it was time to get a new bag! I wanted something smaller and different to what I usually go for...so I got my friend to help (she can spot a good bag from a mile away) as I was having no luck looking by myself (I prefer shopping alone).
After a few dozen 'nope don't like it's' and becoming amused at her patience, she led me into Zara. 
I only ever go into Zara if they're on SALE and certainly not for a bag as I always imagined them to be quite expensive...but my friend quickly plucked this bag off a shelf and I found myself instantly liking it! It's half the size of my old bag and a completely different shape to what I'm used to. I usually prefer bags to sit snugly under my armpit and at my waist so that I can retrieve my purse with ease and I can clamp my arm over it for security.
But this bag was longer and it felt very alien! However, after having it on for a few minutes and finding out that it was only £30, I got it! 
I've been using it for a couple of months now and I love it! The size encourages me to only carry what I need and to clear it out a lot often than I used to do with my other one.
This is definitely a very good find for me although opening it up on the move can be a little tricky but I loved the cute little black-on-black studding detail too!
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