Thursday, 26 July 2012

Film Review: Warrior (2011)

I only wanted to watch this film for the fighting but I wasn't sure if I could cope with the storyline which sounded a little boring at first. After watching the first 10 minutes with my sister, we weren't sure if we could even continue to watch as it was so slow and picture-wise, it was quite dull and depressing! However, the latter was obviously for the mood of the film and after getting past the slower scenes, the film finally kicked into place and my sister and I were glued to the screen! The fight scenes were incredible and I often forgot that I was watching a film because the storyline was so well written...we felt a lot of emotion for the characters. Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton were fantastic to watch, they were both interesting characters, I never felt that one was better than the other.
This film is definitely under-rated and I would absolutely recommend it for all!! I can't believe I almost didn't watch it!!!
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