Friday, 17 August 2012

Film Reviews: My Week with Marilyn (2011) & Ninja Assassin (2009)

Continuing on with my very mini film reviews is Ninja Assassin. This was just WOW! The fight scenes were incredible and even though the storyline was also great, it was the fighting that made it! I honestly don't know what else to say about it apart from if you want to watch a good fight scene, this is the film for you! In particular the final one where there is fire and 'special moves' a non-cheesy way!

Next, and in total contrast, is 'My Week with Marilyn' starring Eddie Redmayne and Michelle Williams. Nothing actually happens - Eddie Redmayne's character Clark basically escorts Marilyn (Williams) around while she is in London filming 'The Prince and the Showgirl'. I found the storyline really boring actually and everyone apart from Michelle Williams was boring. Michelle Williams as Marilyn was amazing!! I couldn't believe how similar she looked to the real Marilyn....if anything, this film is only worth watching for that, and her first-class acting skills.
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