Sunday, 30 September 2012

Stoker. 2013.

My sister mentioned an 'amazing trailer' she watched so I checked it out and wasn't surprised when I found out that the film is directed by Chan-Wook Park -  this is going to be a brilliant film!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Manzanita Display Tree.

I'd been searching for a white display tree for such a long time that I almost made my own, but due to lack of time, that never happened so I continued to browse the world-wide web for the perfect one....which wasn't easy. However, a couple of months later, I came across 'manzanita trees' which is commonly used as display trees at weddings, and they were perfect! I finally have one of my own and it has been so practical as the branches are flexible (I'm pretty sure the whole thing is made of some sort of rubber) and I have been desperate to photograph my advent calendar pouches on them!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

NYFW SS13. Part II.

If I want to see a damn nice dress, I will always look at the Marchesa collections! They never disappoint and I am always in such awe every time I see a new collection from them. For SS13, they had an Indian themed collection, and although I often feel that 'indian' influences can sometimes look tacky (on the catwalk), especially if it is too literal, Marchesa translated it beautifully! There was a retro nod to the looks and I loved the hints of fringing which helped modernise it and the 'sari' looks really worked! The colour palette was stunning and the milk-glass embellishment was beautiful!
My next favourite was Vera Wang! The collected started off a little slow for me but it was towards the end when my attention peaked. The coloured laces in phlox purple, forest green and lemon looked really fresh and I loved the off-shoulder silhouettes. Also, I just adored the platformed ballet shoes!! They looked better from the front but I still loved them and they definitely made the collection look much more young and playful, rather than too sophisticated.
Images from &│ Assembled by nuvonova

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Canon Pixma MG3150.

Since I upgraded to a new PC, I have also had to upgrade a number of other things in the process, one of them being my printer. My HP Photosmart 1000 printer was no longer compatible, nor was my Canon I decided to upgrade to an All-in-One and hopefully it would last me a long time. 
It took a long time finding the right one, especially when I was originally set on getting a white glossy one - WHO KNEW there were hardly any nice white glossy printers out there, or any at an affordable price!!!! I really expected that with Apple being so successful, a lot of brands would offer more white products...but this really wasn't the case. So I decided to stick with black seeing as the performance was also a very important factor.

I spent a long time comparing (in both price and specification) until I finally settled with the Canon Pixma MG3150 (which, a few weeks after purchasing, I found out that they also had a white version!!!! I clearly missed it after giving up on looking for the perfect white printer!). I was mainly swayed by its aesthetics. I loved how it was a slick, black box when all the parts were folded away, it was wireless, surprisingly light, and I could print from my phone if I wanted to! The £50 price was also very decent.

I've used it quite a lot now and very happy with it! Installing the printer on my PC was very quick and easy (you really can not go wrong if you follow the instructions step by step!) and it is so nice that I can keep it in another room!

Monday, 10 September 2012


I can't believe the catwalks are back on again! Standing out so far is the Alexander Wang show! This isn't the first time I've seen the whole 'pieced' idea but it was still lovely to see Wang's interpretation of it which had a strong Sci-Fi element to it ...I can see a lot of people wearing this look when it's out!
On closer inspection, it was fascinating to see that the pieces were connected by thread (when I originally thought it was applique) so the construction in itself was very modern ...although on a Sci-Fi note, it did remind me of when Alien bears its teeth and you can see all of its saliva stretching out...sorry, gross I know but that's what I thought of!
I loved the dresses with splits that went very high and continued up the body with the same pieced technique. The back of one of the jackets was also beautiful with contemporary cutworking.
The accessories were also amazing...I loved the metal edged box bag!! Adorable! ...and just to make me love the collection even more was the final 'effect' where the models were spread out, lights went off and they stood there glowing in the dark just like a scene from Tron. Loved this collection!
Images from &│ Assembled by nuvonova

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Thanks all who entered my Giveaway! ...the feedback has been very helpful for me and also fun to read!
The (randomly generated) winner of the $50/£30 voucher to spend in my Etsy Shop and/or ASOS Marketplace Shop is..
...Angie Lilly!!

...and coincidentally left one of the most memorable/useful comments.. (which I mentioned would also receive a prize)...
"ooo I do not like the Stretch Sequin Skirt with Small Velvet Bow - Size UK 8 \/ US 4-6 \/ EU 34! The style is just not my own and the photograph is just odd. That skirt is fancy almost formal but the photo shows it being worn with a t-shirt. I am betting that if you fixed the photo the skirt would look better, but it is still not my style. As it is it looks frumpy and out of date."

...I am totally redoing that photograph now!! Thanks for the push!

...However, as I wanted a second winner, the runner-up for (another) good comment in regards to their least favourite item in my Etsy shop (swan notecard set) is...
...Sandy Ferguson! ...who said, "I really don't like swans and find this a bit intimidating. And they don't look like friendly swans!"  This definitely got a chuckle out of me! She has won $25/£15 to spend in my shops!

Friday, 7 September 2012


I've been meaning to blog about these since June! These have been my Summer shoes and have been perfect for me! They're from Urban Outfitters and also come in an array of other colours! It's funny how I wore jellies as a child and now I am wearing them again as an adult! They're super comfortable but I have just been wearing them with socks. I think I bought them for about £25 which with the amount I've worn them has definitely paid off!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

New games.

To 'celebrate' getting myself a brand-spanking-new PC, my boyfriend got me some games to play! He didn't bother before as my old PC had such awful specifications for game-playing, that it wouldn't have made the experience enjoyable! Hopefully I will be doing reviews for these at some point.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Film Review: Total Recall (2012)

The 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall film was definitely a childhood when I found out there was a remake, I couldn't wait!
Firstly though, the storyline is totally different - which after watching, I didn't mind, but should they really call it a 'remake' then? I mean, where was Mars? Anyway, regardless of that, I still really enjoyed the film!! I loved the distopian look of The Colony which was an amalgamation of Soho (London), Steampunk references and many other influences! This was probably the only thing I could relate with the original Total Recall (although I'm not 100% certain - I think I need to watch it again!) well as the scene where Colin Farrell's character Douglas Quaid uses a temporary cloning device (is this what it's called?) to make him look like someone else. I remember this scene in the 1990 version very well...definitely one of my favourites!
So, just to briefly explain, Quaid is just a 'normal' guy who experiences vivid dreams and feels that he should be doing something else with his life ... so he visits 'Rekall' which is a place to gain artificial memories. Before doing this though, a test is carried out to ensure that the artificial memory does not conflict with real memories - to which at this point, it is found out that Quaid is not who he says he is - which he doesn't remember. 
A team of gunmen then burst in but Quaid (to his surprise) is able to avoid being shot and take them all down! He is of course totally freaking out and sets out to investigate the truth. Later on in the story, there is a bit of a twist (as always) which I have to admit came as a surprise to I was quite impressed with this slightly deeper storyline ...and that it wasn't just all action, action, action! However, I didn't feel that it was unique enough for me to remember - which is how I feel about the original...but I don't know if I remember it because Arnold Schwarzenegger is a unique actor himself!
Colin Farrell was great, I'm always a little unsure about his acting skills, but they were believable in this film and his action scenes looked good. 
Ever since the Underworld films, I can admit I am a little bit of a 'fan' of Kate Beckinsale!  She gets a lot of grief for being 'bland' but I totally support what she does now as most of the time, I'm sure I am only seeing her as Selene (from Underworld)...regardless of what film she is in! Also, the funny thing about Total Recall is that Bill Nighy has a bit of an appearance, so that just made it even more confusing... (as he is one of the Vampire Elders from Underworld, and also a father figure to Kate Beckinsale's character)!
Going back to Total Recall, Kate Beckinsale's character Lori was really fun to watch...she was a total bad-ass! However, her character did start to become a little irritating as she just would not stay down! As soon as you thought Quaid was temporarily safe, Lori would be back in the scene, all guns blazing! ...she was around until the very last scene!!! (sorry, little spoiler there, but you shouldn't really be reading reviews if you don't want it to be spoilt!)
If anyone was bland, and after thinking about it a bit more, Jessica Biel's character might have won it. She plays Melina who is supposed to be Quaid's love interest - but there was absolutely NO chemistry between the two at all!! ...and apart from saving Quaid and getting a little in the way every now and again...I don't actually know the purpose of her character. I think there could have been someone much better....and this is also another reason why I'd quite like to watch the 1990 version again.
Overall, an enjoyable film with good action scenes but I don't think it lives up to the original...I almost feel that this film is overly 'Hollywoodified'...and may have benefited from being a little more edgy or 'indie' looking.