Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Canon Pixma MG3150.

Since I upgraded to a new PC, I have also had to upgrade a number of other things in the process, one of them being my printer. My HP Photosmart 1000 printer was no longer compatible, nor was my Canon I decided to upgrade to an All-in-One and hopefully it would last me a long time. 
It took a long time finding the right one, especially when I was originally set on getting a white glossy one - WHO KNEW there were hardly any nice white glossy printers out there, or any at an affordable price!!!! I really expected that with Apple being so successful, a lot of brands would offer more white products...but this really wasn't the case. So I decided to stick with black seeing as the performance was also a very important factor.

I spent a long time comparing (in both price and specification) until I finally settled with the Canon Pixma MG3150 (which, a few weeks after purchasing, I found out that they also had a white version!!!! I clearly missed it after giving up on looking for the perfect white printer!). I was mainly swayed by its aesthetics. I loved how it was a slick, black box when all the parts were folded away, it was wireless, surprisingly light, and I could print from my phone if I wanted to! The £50 price was also very decent.

I've used it quite a lot now and very happy with it! Installing the printer on my PC was very quick and easy (you really can not go wrong if you follow the instructions step by step!) and it is so nice that I can keep it in another room!
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