Sunday, 9 September 2012

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Thanks all who entered my Giveaway! ...the feedback has been very helpful for me and also fun to read!
The (randomly generated) winner of the $50/£30 voucher to spend in my Etsy Shop and/or ASOS Marketplace Shop is..
...Angie Lilly!!

...and coincidentally left one of the most memorable/useful comments.. (which I mentioned would also receive a prize)...
"ooo I do not like the Stretch Sequin Skirt with Small Velvet Bow - Size UK 8 \/ US 4-6 \/ EU 34! The style is just not my own and the photograph is just odd. That skirt is fancy almost formal but the photo shows it being worn with a t-shirt. I am betting that if you fixed the photo the skirt would look better, but it is still not my style. As it is it looks frumpy and out of date."

...I am totally redoing that photograph now!! Thanks for the push!

...However, as I wanted a second winner, the runner-up for (another) good comment in regards to their least favourite item in my Etsy shop (swan notecard set) is...
...Sandy Ferguson! ...who said, "I really don't like swans and find this a bit intimidating. And they don't look like friendly swans!"  This definitely got a chuckle out of me! She has won $25/£15 to spend in my shops!
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