Wednesday, 31 October 2012

MCM Expo Comic-Con October 2012

After attending Destination Star Trek London and left feeling quite disappointed, I COULD NOT wait for MCM Expo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I had a cold, I still made myself go and thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours I was there for. Here are some of my favourite costumes of the day including Gangnam-style Sonic, Game of Thrones, Hell-Girl and some great Final Fantasy ones!
There were many new things at this event for me to see and I was impressed that they are clearly continuing to surprise visitors each time! I loved these little anime booths for you chill out and watch some anime!! This is such a great and simple idea that I hadn't spotted previously especially if you're there for the entire day and need a couple of breaks! There were also a lot of places to test out some of the newer games and it didn't feel as busy as it previously did because they had clearly provided much more choice and a rearrangement of the areas really helped making navigating throughout the floor very easily and stress free! Of course, some of the high profile games such as Assassin's Creed did have a queue but they were orderly and didn't get in my way! I spotted someone playing the new Dragonball Z game which looked brilliant!
Another new part of the event was food!!! I never noticed that this was missing because there were many food shops a short distance from the main venue, but now that it's here, I hope it will stay! Who wants a burger when you can get this! There were several Asian food stalls but 'Poko Poko' looked the yummiest! There were easy stir fried noodles and prawn tempura. The queue was really long but well worth the wait!!! There was also a large eating/general hang out area which was a great idea as my mother had pointed out the last time that there was hardly anywhere to sit unless you wanted to go and listen to a talk, just for the sake of sitting down. There was also a mini stage next to this with entertainment. Everything seemed so relaxed and everyone around me looked like they were having a great time.
 I can't remember the name of this company but they were serving Kakigori (japanese shaved ice with syrup) and it looked delicious. I went for the Prawn Tempura (above) at the time as I wanted a proper meal rather than dessert but I'm sure if I had stayed for longer, I would have come back to this stall!
Then I came across the Wagashi Japanese Bakery which had one of my favourite things, Dorayaki (pancakes with a filling)! I was really happy to see them doing so well and we bought about 10 to share (sister and mother). We went back to buy more to take home with us but they had sold out of a lot of the flavours we wanted which was a shame but I hope to see them again in May 2013!
There was also A LOT of sweets to buy! Overall, so much to see and do at MCM Expo, I know I can always rely on a great day out whenever I go!! Even when I am ill!!
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