Tuesday, 6 November 2012


...means Russia in Russian! I have started Russian lessons and it is so much fun!! I've always wanted to learn it, as well as Mandarin, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and probably a few more ...but it is truly expensive to learn a language unless you purchase self-learning packages but I know that I can not be taught a language this way, I need a traditional classroom environment which luckily, my full-time occupation has made available for employees at a discounted price.

Admittedly, the first reason for wanting to learn Russian is because I have always had a fondness for the Russian Mafia in films. They always make the best villains and I find them most memorable and effective! To name a few - Eastern Promises (highly recommend!), Nikita (TV Series), Bad Boys, James Bond and Batman. It would just be incredible to understand them and would make my viewing experience much more enjoyable! Besides that, the language itself is of course beautiful and I wanted to learn something that was completely alien to me...i.e. not French or German. The alphabet is a little tricky and some words are so hard to pronounce/remember but I am so eager to learn!! I will give an update on how I am doing at a later date!!

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