Saturday, 3 November 2012

Distant Worlds - Final Fantasy - 25th Anniversary.

The Distant Worlds 25th Anniversary event, as expected, was great! The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were amazing and like the last time I came to Distant Worlds concert, wished I had stuck with playing the cello as a child! I also see this as a great way to get a child interested in learning an instrument, associate it with something they like!! Admittedly, I preferred the songs played the last time I came, as did my boyfriend, but it was still a lovely evening and I had also brought my little sister along who really enjoyed it!
Susan Calloway blew me away, she has one of the best voices I've ever heard in my life! One true highlight of the evening though was when they played One-Winged Angel which is one of the most popular Final Fantasy songs, but this time they wanted the audience to sing-a-long! This was hilarious and a complete fail - not the Orchestra/Choir, but the audience! The song is too difficult and it doesn't help with it being in Latin!...but I was in tears throughout the whole song because there was a guy sat behind me who was truly doing his best to sing the song (which I have to say is all sung with a very high note) and I could hear the pain he was causing his throat! I'm sure he knew I was laughing at him (but everyone is so nice!) and sitting next to my sister who could also hear him did not help the matter! We were still giggling two songs after it! 
The Distant Worlds concerts are always such a delight to attend and hopefully in the future I will attend the ones that aren't just in London!!!
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