Monday, 12 November 2012

Dragon Age Origins.

Back in September, my boyfriend got me a couple of 'must-play' games for my brand spanking new PC... and I've only just managed to start playing them!
He suggested I start with Dragon Age because 'it will take me forever to complete' ...and so I have! He knew and I knew, that it would also take forever for me to 'design' my character, but I had so much fun doing it! The options are the most detailed ones I have ever come across so far... I could change the width and depth of her cheekbones, the size of her nose, the spacing of her eyes, the fullness of her lips, her hair style, her eyebrow colour, her lip colour, the size and placement of her ears....there was so much!!! 
As I've had very long hair for a very long time, and with a secret desire to shave it all off...I decided to project this onto my character, especially as I also didn't like any of the hairstyle options. In contrast, I have given her dark, Gothic make up. I think she looks pretty good!! The only other thing though is that I wish you could change the body as much as you could with the face and jewellery would have been great too, such as piercings...I think I would have made her look like Hellraiser if this was the case. Nevertheless, the customising options are vast and I am just being picky now!
When it comes to picking a character class, I will always go for the one with magic, preferably dark magic such as a Necromancer type class but overall, just anything with magic! I have often found myself becoming bored if I am playing a warrior class and furiously hitting things with a sword or an axe. As a mage, I can cast shields, heal myself and other people, attack with different elements, poison the enemy, drain their energy...there is just so much to do!!!! So here I am, a bald, female mage. I haven't gotten very far into the game yet, I am still doing small quests within the starting place, but it's very in depth and you do need patience and time to really be able to get into the game. Hopefully I will have much more exciting looking screenshots to show the next time I blog about it!!
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