Thursday, 6 December 2012


I hate the name as it reminds me of a Sci-Fi film I watched as a child, where an alien puts a deadly worm into their enemy's ear, which kills them. I don't remember what film it was but I do remember that they looked a bit like Klingons, but I'm sure it wasn't a Star Trek film?...anyway, it gave me nightmares for months and has embedded itself into my memories!
However, the point of this post is to talk about Earworms, the language trainer. I recently had my last Russian lesson and suddenly had this fear of forgetting everything I'd learnt as I am currently unsure if they will continue after the New Year! I mean, I already forgot 90% of it after a week if I don't read through any of the literature! So, after speaking to a friend about it, she recommended Earworms, which is what she had used to teach herself Spanish.
I was definitely up for it and felt convinced at the fact that it taught you through attaches itself to me very easily (does that make sense?) so this method seemed like the only other way I could remember a new language, as well as being taught in a classroom.
I decided to go for the App version (£6.99) of it as I am always using my phone, and thought it would be great to listen to on the way to work, therefore I would be using it every day!
I've been using it for a week now, and although I could not suppress my giggles at the start in regards to the very corny music and being told to 'sit back & relax', I am SO impressed with it!! It has totally worked and I have also been doing about 5-10 minutes worth in the evenings because it is so easy to switch on and hassle whatsoever. My little sister has also been doing it with me for fun and even she has picked up a few phrases.
The phrases are split into themes (which is also how I was taught) and talks you through the generic words. This has helped with pronunciation and the thing I struggle with the most, reading Russian. I can do it, but I am extremely slow. Earworms is definitely helping me become conditioned to the fact that the Russian letter that looks like an english'n' is actually a 'p' sound...or the Russian letter that looks like a reverse 'n' is an 'l' this leads me onto a very small point about the App, I wish it had the alphabet on it! would almost be perfect for beginners if it had this!
Nevertheless, this is a damn good program, and I am so tempted to get all of the other languages to play with!!!
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