Saturday, 22 December 2012


Since getting my new phone, I've been using Apps more than ever! There are some great Russian language Apps out there that have helped me remember the language, ready for when my lessons resume in the New Year, eBay and most recently I just had to download the Tetris App!

Anyway, the point of this post is about photos. New phone + amazing camera = lots of photo fun and easy upload!
I recently joined Instagram as I loved their filters and thought that was the best outlet for random photos I would take on my phone. However, after the whole 'Instagram are going to sell our photos' debacle, and before they released a statement confirming that this was a misunderstanding, I had already started looking for alternatives.

Tadaa seemed to be the App that jumped out the most so I installed it and was completely blown away by all the different things I could do to a totally usurped Instagram! Then I came across the new Flickr App. I've been with Flickr for years but became very inactive on it as I had the free account and was very limited to the amount of photos I could upload with no organizing options. At the time, I also didn't have a camera phone so there weren't that many exciting things to upload. Anything exciting, I would have used my digital camera and published it onto my blog, and that was it.

So, I installed the Flickr App, loved their filters and photo editing options, and decided that this would be my new outlet! Here is a preview of my photostream:

Also, after reading a few things about Flickr and speaking to someone who regularly used it, I also decided to upgrade my account to I no longer had limitations! After a few days playing with it, I wish I'd done this years ago! ... and now with the new App, I can now easily upload 'nice but do I really need to blog about them' photos and/or extra photos that I found would be too overwhelming to be on my blog, such as my MCM Expo adventures - I have about triple the amount of photos every time I go there, in comparison to what I post on my now you can see even more!! This is definitely a case of something I needed being right under my nose!
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