Friday, 14 December 2012

iPhone 5.

The contract to my iPhone 3GS had expired in November and I was very much looking forward to an upgrade! I had come to hate the 3GS as many people I knew had 4, so I often noticed the huge difference in look and function. My phone felt so heavy in comparison and I didn't like the soft, curved edges of the phone either...and what bugged me the most was that the camera function was awful so I still had to carry my digital camera around with me, as well as having my phone.
Although I um'd and ah'd about it at first, I decided to go straight to upgrading to the iPhone 5, instead of the Samsung Galaxy, which, if the Orange website hadn't crashed when I was checking out, I would have got it...but it gave me more time to think about it. I do a lot of things online and use my phone a lot - whether I'm checking the weather, train/bus times/delays, map/directions, games/music, email...everything! So I was certain that I would get a lot of use out of it.
So, now that I have the phone, I noticed a HUGE difference! The iPhone 3GS felt like a brick and the screen looked like I was looking through another screen, to actually see anything. I was so glad with my upgrade!
I am still learning the new functions as I can't be bothered reading about them, but I'm coming across them all the time! The screen is longer and a much higher quality. I like how the earphones fix into the bottom, rather than top - this had always annoyed me.
I do like to keep new things in good order, so I did keep the plastic covers (although annoying!) on for a week until my Darth Vader case arrived! I love it!
Most importantly, the camera quality is excellent! I have flash!!! It is now actually better than my digital camera which I was going to upgrade, but now I don't need to! See below an example of an unedited photo taken with the phone, I am so impressed!
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