Sunday, 9 December 2012


Tiramisu is one of my most favourite desserts, if I'm not having it in a restaurant, then I have bought some from a supermarket to have at home. It is also my mother's favourite dessert, so we can never really have enough of it in our household! So, I decided to try and make some instead of constantly buying it! I loosely followed a recipe from so pop over and have a look, but here is how I made it!
 I've never separated the (6) egg yolk from the white before but it was so much easier than i thought! This was the first step. I then added the (200g) sugar - however, this was supposed to be caster sugar but I only had granulated - after having tasted the final thing, I don't think this affected it - but if any cooks out there want to enlighten me, please do! I then added the 250g of mascarpone.
I then had to whip the 250ml of double cream, however, I couldn't find the whisk, so ended up having to do it with a fork which was very laborious! This was also the case with having to whip the egg whites, I felt like it took forever to change consistency! Once the double cream had a thicker consistency, it was added to the mixture, folded in, then the now-frothy-egg-whites was added.
I then got a container and used up a third of the mixture to line the bottom. Sponge finger biscuits were then dipped in a decaffeinated coffee and Marsala wine mixture (I was supposed to use espresso but didn't have any, so used what I found!) and laid them on top of the mixture. This was repeated a second time with the last third of the mixture on the top. It was then left in the fridge for 24 hours.
I then covered the top with cocoa powder and a heavy layer of grated dark chocolate! My sister and I then had a serving each and it was yummy! However, after my second serving (a few hours later), I have made a mental note to make a few adjustments the next time I make it. I noticed that it was a tad too slimy, and I am thinking that I should use less double cream, or make sure it is properly whipped. Also, I originally wanted to add some vanilla essence but had forgotten, so this would be included next time! To help with making it less slimy - I would use many more of the sponge fingers, and pack them in very tightly. And lastly, even though the sponge fingers were dipped in the wine mixture, I would leave them in for a much shorter time! It's a little too strong for me as I got a headache a while after eating it!...and I'm so sure it's from the wine!!
Anyway, I'm so glad I tried making Tiramisu as it is incredibly easy and would save me a lot of money!!
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