Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Quick Tom Yum Noodle Soup.

I love spicy food! So, whenever I get the sniffles or my throat is feeling a little itchy, I always turn to Tom Yum soup to help clear it...and 99% of the time it works! There are many ways to make this and if you order it in restaurants, they will always be different - sometimes they are seen more as a starter or sometimes as a main.
The way I like to make it is very quickly and with only my favourite ingredients. Firstly, put the kettle on and fill a small pan with the boiled water - this will be your soup - the amount you put in depends how soupy you want it. I then add in prawns and mushrooms. Many other places would probably also include lemongrass, beansprouts and other vegetable.
I would then add in Ho Fun noodles which is a wide, flat favourite! Let it simmer and soften - or you can buy pre-cooked noodles which can be added and eaten instantly - but have a very short expiry date.
Then, the most important ingredient. Tom Yum paste! Hopefully I will learn how to make this from scratch one day but right now, it's perfect! It's exactly what it says - paste - and I find this brand the best one. I usually use two packets for one serving so that it is extra spicy but you might want to start with one.
You will immediately see and smell the difference once the paste is added. I would then usually let this simmer for a while to ensure it has dissolved properly.
And here is the finished dish! I have this very often, probably too often...regardless of feeling a cold coming through or not! I recently added peas to it (when I didn't have mushrooms) and it was pretty nice too!

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