Sunday, 13 January 2013

Refreshing my blog.

Back in November, I blogged about refreshing my website (although it has since been 'refreshed' again!)...and recently, I noticed that it was about time my blog got a refreshing also! It just looked incredibly flat and boring and it really didn't show anything about me at all...apart from possibly liking grey and blue. See below for how it looked before! Yuck!
I think I forgot about it because I'd had it like that for such a long time and that it took me a VERY long time to get it like that! When I started blogging, there weren't many blog design options through Blogger at all...I'm sure it took me about a day to make it a 3-column blog using HTML...then working out how to make the sidebars have colour underneath, and getting the edge of my banner to match up perfectly with the edge of the sidebars... it was an absolute nightmare!

Nowadays, there are many more options in Blogger to help with blog design but I wanted so much more than what was available. I then came across some fantastic looking sites that had a beautiful background and amazing banner to match...and at the same time, came across sites that offered great templates. However, I didn't want something that someone else may have and as I am a designer by profession, it made sense for me to design one myself!

However, it was the whole HTML/CSS coding malarky that was still preventing me in getting my blog how I wanted it to look so I did a LOT of reading! One of the sites I constantly kept referring to for tutorials is The Cutest Blog on the Block. It helped me realise that it actually isn't that just need a bit of patience.

I specialize in designing Evening dresses and Embellishment for my full-time job and is something I have always loved...I am always hunting out amazing beads and trims for inspiration on eBay and/or vintage markets ...I love the 1920s (jet beading)...lace....sparkle...couture! So I decided to use my skill (designing embellishment) in this area as my blog theme...mixed with all my other interests such as decadence, Sci-Fi (my boyfriend said the central piece in my banner looks like a cybernetic eye which was totally unintentional!) spots ...and stripes almost got added in! I started looking for stock images online but I never found what I wanted, so dug out all of my own bits and pieces and photographed/scanned them to use which was really fun and I found things I totally forgot about! Here are some of the original photos, which I'm sure you can spot in my blog design and a snapshot of me working on them on Photoshop!

I won't pretend it didn't take a long time, but now that I've done it once, I think I could do it again much faster...which I am certain I will as I have already noticed a few things I need to tweak! This tutorial by The Cutest Blog on the Block made me realise how easy it was and helped guide me through it - although you will come across other things that you might have to work out yourself/Google.
Also, I have no idea how it may look on other screens but I am hoping it looks a little like this? Any feedback on this would be great!! I also hope I have inspired you to think about your own blog design!
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