Monday, 11 February 2013

Beauty Review: Nivea Visage Q10 Night Cream.

The more beauty products I buy, the more I am realizing that the most simple ones are the best! I have been using Nivea Soft as my standard, daily moisturizing cream for many many years now...and although I dabble with other brands every now and again, I always go back to Nivea. So, I decided to give other Nivea products a go. One of the first is the Nivea Visage Q10 Night Cream which costs just under £10. I worried that it would be the same as the cream I was already using but the smell was different (very nice!), the texture was different and I felt it was much more nourishing on my face...exactly what I needed in a night cream. My skin feels so supple the next morning!! I am currently on my second pot of this now, and think I'd be happy continuing with this for the rest of my life! I have also used other 'popular' night creams which I will blog about separately, but this one is my most favourite. So, from this, I have tried other products from the Nivea Visage range which again, I am totally happy with, but will blog about later!
Just for reference, my skin is dry/sensitive ...I'm not sure how good this would be for those with oily skin...but at that price, it is definitely worth trying.

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